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Skull Jeans by An Alchemist


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19 hours ago, P_K said:

Still wear these even tho battered.


Impressing denim evo

Any back side updates?

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Skull 5507xx at 313 days. Before wash:


Post wash:01152A4E-0B52-4CF2-BF06-4AC6D93D32F1.thumb.jpeg.313bb8f7c9fc3b8b123c0bbb2b6465f3.jpeg

Looking at the photos side by side, they look slightly darker? Tried to go for same time of day and same place but probably a function of ambient lighting and how the iPhone reads it.






These were purchased for cheap when BiG stopped carrying the brand. At this point, it looks like Skull/FabFour may not exist anymore. Website doesn’t work and social media sites haven’t been updated in months or longer.

Anyway, going for the more contrasty fades of yore with this pair. Planning to get to 365 days of actual wear before working on something else.

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On 10/13/2019 at 6:32 AM, P_K said:

Here you go.



Impressing denim evo.

Are they still alive?

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1 hour ago, andrewrose said:

Thanks! I believe Pima, purchased a few years ago when BiG stopped carrying the brand and had them on super sale. 

Mine were the Texas cotton version. Last time I wore them was 2 summers ago, I think.

I should dig them up from my suitcase to compare the fades ... I got the time :biggrin: 


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On 6/28/2020 at 9:33 AM, P_K said:

Yeah still going had them on this week :0)

Great news!

Promise me to never ever throwing them away! Otherwise let me know before

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Dug up & tried on ... top button, engaged.  Just cuz they sit below my beer-bump:laugh2: ... felt like top button’s gonna pop when I cough.  The good news tho’ is that,  there’s still hope if I shed off my lockdown poundage ... quite a bit of life left in them, on close inspection.

5010XX W33 Texas cotton ... dint have time to fluff them creases for the photo op, hence the flat aura. 08D1C09A-597C-4181-A76C-56E010A46750.thumb.jpeg.f8c4c10b1685a417c3af621526c07ed0.jpeg

Just reminded me how much a appreciated the raised belt loops & back pocket edges. Used to double-cuff, but thought I’d wear ‘em w/o breaks with the derbies, so had them tight-hemmed @BiG5A5B5B8B-732C-45E4-9E3F-F52CC1A65655.thumb.jpeg.33227119701d5c8819406b576321d522.jpeg 

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23 hours ago, unorthodox said:

5010xx 6x6 Texas cotton. Bought from BiG in 2008. I miss this brand. This cut and this denim were choice.

Yeah it was a great brand indeed  with amazing raw denim evo potential ahead


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