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Skull Jeans by An Alchemist


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I think they're very good (and quite a cool brand), although I haven't handled a pair personally.

They're made by a smallish clothing company called FabFour:


By the way they have their own online shop where you can see their whole line:


The 5000XX is their 'flagship' model, a 1955-type 501 repro, which might be too baggy for you since you chose the "slim straight" 5507. (There is a 'super slim' model, the 5010, which you might look at as well.)

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Mmm... yes "momo" = thigh, and I think the above interpretation is about right.

Sometimes this measurement is also called 'watari', and is measured like this:


or rather twice this measurement (if you imagine the tape measure looping around the back of the leg to join up at the crotch. Note that the tape measure in this case is not parallel to the waistband, so that watari measured in this way is not exactly the redline above, but slightly more than it (although very close)

Neither of these is the same as 'hippu' (i.e. hip), which is this:


or sometimes twice this. This is a straight measurement across the broadest part of the hipbones, the line of which is somewhat higher than the crotch.

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according to the bears page the denim on the 5010 is the same.

Quote: Of course the material is the same as "5508" and "5510". If it can have looking at the color falling sample, you think that you can understand

these limited 6X6 look to be sanforised in heavier denim [i.e 14.5oz rather than 14oz]

and are available in No washing model as well as one wash.


edit: sorry forgot link


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