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  1. haptronic

    3,000,000 POSTS

    thank you wayne. for making this possible.
  2. haptronic

    Music Producers / Studio Thread

    a video has been made for one of my songs.
  3. haptronic

    delete account?

    dear diddy this man obviously needs help he just can't stop himself posting. thinks there is some magical way that you can change the forum software just for him. plus there is a denim bro on a rampage, sorry denim pimp. does he know you invented the trash? i wonder how some of these dudes would have coped pre moderation? or when minya would actually tell members to get fucked. fuck off. ban. or when the done thing around here was straight out admin abuse editing user's posts and whatnot. does the denim pimp with the freebay signature, really believe that you are trying to look tough? hard? while you are reasonably trying to answer his concerns, as he is 2 centing in a thread that concerns him not at all, a thread which really is just attention whoring, 'please delete me. you guys can't have me k pop suggestions anymore'. i miss don'tcaretoomuchforcrap you can have your jmatsu and his dish it and can't take it. remember when somebody posted his face? whoa meltdown much. westside i always wondered if it was racist of him to post in ebonics? dctmfc that is the og trash poster. the interesting thing of the chart on goggle searches is it kinda shows interest in superfuture which indecently is not supertalk went up after the mass banning riots and crackdown, i love you diddy you are a great mod, you and cheap were always the real custodians of the trash. i am sorry i left you in minya's shoes especially now that he wears crocs. at least i had jack purcells to step into your friend always hap
  4. haptronic

    delete account?

    never has been an option...blood in blood out or something...thank you for reminding me how much i don't miss answering the same questions over and over again...there was an old poster who changed every post to cleanliness...that was supertalk 3.0 or whatever and a really broken forum software...maybe you could try that. or pm minya he might be able to help out.
  5. haptronic

    Music Producers / Studio Thread

    http://tryonics.bandcamp.com/album/caravan made an ep whilst travelling around...
  6. haptronic

    Music Producers / Studio Thread

    http://tryonics.bandcamp.com/album/esmonde new ep of instrumentals.
  7. haptronic

    Music Producers / Studio Thread

    i have been making music pretty solidly, finished an ep with looped live drums soft synths and vocals. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8ggr58nz7urlq/tryonics-mountainous have started playing guitar in a band again, and today knocked out this on a friend's logic rig, wanted to borrow black metal harmonic ideas in a pop context. https://soundcloud.com/haptronic/slave-to-the-grind
  8. haptronic

    Music Producers / Studio Thread

    here is what happened to me from too much doom metal and pop goth love songs. http://tryonics.bandcamp.com/track/light-me-up
  9. haptronic

    WAYWT 2013 [pics only]

    kiln | commoners | chronicles of never
  10. haptronic

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)

    kiln | commoners | chronicles of never
  11. haptronic

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    i just got out of rehab. 18 weeks of intense work on myself, coming up to 6 months clean. what is going on around here?
  12. haptronic


    i am currently doing a pre admission program, for a residential drug and alcohol treatment centre. a week and a half ago i sat down with a councilor and did my usage history, up until that moment i had thought that i wasn't that bad, just using/drinking and fucking up. when she said i had one of the most complicated histories she had heard, changing drug of choice, location, relationship, running away. my whole life right now is sorting my drug and booze problems, aa meetings, na meetings, group at a community centre for drug and alcohol problems, group at the treatment centre, getting my things into storage, moving to a clean house to prepare for treatment. i currently go from feeling an overwhelming anxiety, to an inner calm, and back again, 16 days clean, having put aside my old methods of escape, finding less an less excitement in the relationship drama that i used when i wasn't using. on friday night i went to an outdoor showing of grease, with the woman i broke up with on a drunken resentful night, i felt a little ease for the first time i remember in my adult life, for the first time i was a normal person enjoying a normal thing, without fear, and then i understood that this is what i have always been looking for, some peace and calm. my name is hayden and i am an addict.
  13. haptronic

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)