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    posting images

    general guidelines - do not leech images from other sites...if you find an image you would like to post...move the image to a free image host [or your own server space] so the original site does not have to pay for the bandwidth - keep images within the superfridge...anything greater than 640px width should be posted as a clickable thumbnail or a text link how to there are various methods to do this...this is how to do it manually... - upload your image to a free image host, or your own server space ...if you don't already have a host use google to search for one (imageshack, imgur, photobucket...) - copy the url of the image [it should end in .jpg .gif or .png] http://supertalk.sup...s/4_sf_logo.jpg - create image tags either type [ img ] ..... [ /img ] (without the spaces), or click on the small photo icon above the text field when making a new post. - paste the url within the image tags [ img ] http://supertalk.sup...s/4_sf_logo.jpg [ /img ] - it should look like this - if you unsure whether it has worked you can always use the preview post ... check the tags if it isn't working.. there are other ways to post images...using tags from an image host...or clicking the image button [if the WYSIWYG mode is enabled in my supertalk/edit options-message interface]...the tags should always look like the tags above
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