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  1. enojy

    Skull Jeans by An Alchemist

    Had fun reading through the last 8 years (well, really just about 20 pages, but 8 years sounds cooler) of this thread last night. Finding a pair of 5010XX 6X6 for sale on clearance last year literally got me back into denim full-swing. Thank you Skull, thank you Analchemist, thank you Ppoduced by Fabfour. I only wore them for a few months, though, because I started going denim crazy again, buying new pairs. They've been hanging out ever since. Tried them on last night and just love the fit... above the knee. These are indeed "slim straight." My first pair back in 2007 or 2008 was 2 sizes smaller, so there wasn't any bagginess going on down the calf/leg opening (but alas, I am now in my 30's and have no business sizing down anymore.) Debating just storing them for good as a keepsake of my first Japanese denim, or coughing up some good cash to have them hemmed and tapered from the inseam...
  2. enojy

    Tanuki Japan

    I've been wearing a pair of Tanuki's red cast jeans for just a little over a year now. I bought mine raw, but crocking/blue hands was always pretty minimal -- I wouldn't call them fast faders.
  3. You can gently iron stuff like that out, just be sure to separate the denim from the iron with a cloth. As for them going away with wear, it depends on just how sharp the creases are. If they're more like "bends" then you're probably fine. If they're more akin to pleated pants, you might want to nip that in the bud. I've got a retired pair that picked up some creases when I had a denim blunder moment putting them through the dryer to presoak them with a bit too much gusto... those creases never went away.
  4. enojy

    The Flat Head

    How'd you go about shrinking them? If it was in a bathtub or something similar, did you be sure to use hot water and agitate a lot? Only 1" of shrinkage in the waist sounds unusual. I've always been able to get a good 2" or so out of my jeans, although I've never had this particular denim.
  5. Why so? Genuinely curious -- I'm quite new to boots (so I can't be very objective) but I find his videos to be very good, at the very least for the leather eye candy. Was it perhaps the video where he said Vibergs are overpriced that got your goat?
  6. enojy

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I quit using Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on my leather, especially my boots. It works great in terms of protection/waterproofing, but eventually gives way to a flat, dull look -- lots of darkening, and no room for depth or character. Unless of course your use case demands that kind of hardcore protection, then by all means, keep using it! Otherwise, the Saphir Renovateur is a great substitute.