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5A41B155-D754-4F5E-9919-C239114A43A8.thumb.jpeg.2cfeeb6ed5d76370bda24d3f55c68517.jpegGot mine! This one fits a size smaller than the ecru. I’m loving it, but can’t wear it right now because it’s too hot in Oakland. 

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Will get some more photos later (not really happy with the ones taken today).
Really nice chore coat, does feel slightly more snug than both the ecru and twisted denim variants that I have, but I think some of that comes down to the stiffness.
The denim does feel heavier compared to those other fabrics. I desperately wish it wasn't 100 degrees out. <_<

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Thanks @aho, the chore coat is really versatile for Texas falls. Easy to layer underneath, or throw on over a tee if it's not too cool out.
Gave my cinch back 01's a wash and dry before setting them aside for a bit to focus on the TCB contest.

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On 8/5/2020 at 4:00 PM, owlofminerva said:

Saddle Pants.  I was alternating these with a pair of Stevenson Carmels (I'll post pics of those shortly) for about a year.  So accounting for the (very) occasional no-jeans days, I would say 5 months of effective wear.  I wash a bit less frequently than Broark and others on this thread (I think they've had maybe 3-4 washes altogether?), so these are a bit more contrasty than other OAs.  Love these pants.  Stitching in the crotch/butt is starting to rip, so I'll need to get a repair soon.






What’s the cut like on those? Love the details. 

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On 8/23/2020 at 5:32 PM, Broark said:

@Tiro the Saddle Pants fit similarly to the 02 cut from OA. So fairly slim. I know @longshanks has a pair he’s worn a lot and he said he’d get some photos up soon. :ph34r:


I miss the days of old... would love to get these details on a pair of 03 cut...

If u are seeing this Ryo and Hiro. Make more 03’s please... :-)

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Have you people seen that:


I like the ecru one but it's kinda light weight...

Well, it turns out the legs are going to be too narrow for me. Still, very cool.

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Yeah I’m thinking about potentially getting both the ecru and Cone, don’t really own anything like that outside of the Boss Pants which are a little too slim for the styling IMO. The measurements look good to me. 

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7 hours ago, Broark said:

I'm thinking I'll go for 38 in both which is my normal OA size.
Just kind of on the fence about white pants!

I chose my regular waist size (i.e. one size down from my usual OA size).  But I tend to like a slightly slimmer fit.

Those pics of Ryo have me convinced that a full tuxedo with the overalls plus the jacket is the way to go here.

(That said, I only have the jacket in denim, and am planning to only do the denim pants.)

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