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  1. owlofminerva

    Stevenson Overall Company

    100%. These are the best fitting, best looking jeans. I think at this point "lifetime supply" might be 3-4 pairs, but I have had this exact thought. Wish I had done that with their t-shirts.
  2. owlofminerva

    Stevenson Overall Company

    I am very late to this, so I'm not sure this is going to help, but Stevensons are weirdly complicated to fit. It is true that the actual waist measurement is often significantly bigger than the tagged waist size. But the REST of the measurements are (in my opinion) true to size for most bodies. So if you size down to get the waist right, everything else is going to be too tight (especially on the slimmer fits). I always go tagged waist and wear a belt. The upside (and maybe the intention?) is that these are jeans with an attractive fit that aren't agony to sit down in.
  3. owlofminerva

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Very excited that Stevenson is making new clothes again. But it looks like they are no longer making what has become a staple of my wardrobe, the world's best t-shirt: I just love those sleeves and the color. Merz B Schwanen does a SS henley with similar sleeves, but Stevenson is the only brand I know of that was using them on a plain crew neck T. Does anyone know of anyone else that might make a shirt like this, or if Atsu can be talked into making another run of these? Mine are starting to become a bit threadbare...
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