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  1. The Strike Gold

    Thanks! I ride my bike just about everywhere so there’s probably 50 miles at least on these; maybe that explains the difference? You got a much better fit out of these than I did, by the way. I probably should have sized up one. Agreed on the rise being a bit too low...
  2. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Thanks, @felonius monk. That is super helpful. Also, your jeans look awesome.
  3. Imperial Jeans

    Wow, thanks Ruedi!
  4. Imperial Jeans

    Thanks, Maynard!
  5. Imperial Jeans

    Wow, two years without any action here? Is Imperial still making jeans? SEXI23s. I bought these at least 5 years go. During that time, my thighs got a bit bigger. (Beer? Squats? Middle age? I'll never tell.) I'm not sure the slim tapered look is for me anymore, but I can still just barely squeeze into these. But I don't think I can mount a bike in these without ripping them in half, and since I ride a bike just about everywhere, these are definitely on the back burner. Probably at least a year of wear. At least 10 washes in the bathtub. One repair. I am pretty proud of these.
  6. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Saddle pants. I bought these when they came out (last September, maybe?) and have been wearing pretty regularly since then. Maybe 100 wears? At least 5 washes in the bathtub. The denim on these shrinks/stretches A LOT. These go from skinny jeans to actually-quite-baggy jeans in just a few days. I've never had jeans stretch out so much in the leg. I feel like even the calf and leg opening stretch out. I really love the details and how they feel, but I was somewhat on the fence about the look of the fabric. And then something happened (the weather changed?) and they started looking pretty good. Still nowhere near what other folks' OAs are looking like -- ALB's and Broark's are what I am aspiring to. Probably need to be washing more regularly. In any case, I think by the end of the summer, these will be looking as good as they feel.
  7. Stevenson Overall Company

    Yeah, I’m sure. For me, the infrequent washing is entirely a function of not wanting to wait for them to dry.
  8. Stevenson Overall Company

    Stevenson 714s. These jeans are... perfect. I could maybe do with an ever-so-slightly wider leg opening -- I can't fit them over my engineers, but they fit all of my other boots just fine -- but otherwise the fit is perfect. People should not get hung up on the big waist. It doesn't matter as much as you think it will. In my opinion, it makes them more comfy. And you wear a belt, don't you? Pretty happy with how these are coming along. These have been my main jeans since I bought them in October. Over 100 days of wear, I think. 3 handwashes. Tossed them into the washing machine to see what will happen. These are the "before" pics.
  9. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I can't compete with ecsong, but here are my Roy Test Lots. Front only because reasons. A fair amount of wear on these (at least 90 days, I think), lots of bike rides, and mostly during the warm and sweaty months. 2 or 3 handwashes. Aaaand... not much to show for it. This denim takes a very long time to reveal its true character, apparently. Fit is my absolute favorite of all of my jeans. Construction and detail are fantastic (you'll have to take my word for it). The denim is finally starting to impress, too, but I'd say the jury is still out. Threw them in the washing machine for the first time Thursday; maybe that will help. I also tossed in a Roy denim work shirt. Didn't take "before" pics of that one because despite lots of wear it still looks almost new -- hairy and purple. Maybe I need to roll around on the ground a bit. We'll see what it looks like when it dries. I try not to be too precious about my denim, but it is very hard to convince yourself to machine wash a garment when the guy who made it literally hand embroidered the words "Hand wash only" on the inside.
  10. The Strike Gold

    Here are my SEXSG24s. I haven't worn these too much because they are a bit too snug. Maybe 60 days total wear, with one or two handwashes somewhere in there. Despite seeing so little action, they are nonetheless very close to having a crotch blow-out (due in part to the so-slubby-it's-abrasive denim, and in part to the aforementioned snugness). Tossing them in the washing machine in advance of taking them in for a repair, and figured I should take a "before" picture. I'm more into a more classic and less flashy denim these days, but the denim on these is pretty amazing. In person, they look like those high contrast photos some people take of their jeans to make them look more instagrammable. Not sure I was able to capture that quality with my iphone.
  11. Mister Freedom

    I've been wearing these Lot 64 Okinawas off and on for about two years, I think. Mostly in the summer. Probably four or five handwashes in the bathtub. I'm about to throw them in the washing machine for the very first time. (I handwash because I like to keep my denim as dark as possible for as long as possible, but I know it doesn't get all the dirt out so...) Wear patterns are from daily bike riding (including a pretty serious crash in these) and a tendency to sit cross legged on the floor. This is my first time posting pics to this forum, so please insert all of the usual caveats and apologies here. Be gentle. EDIT: I should mention that I threw six pairs in the wash today, and took "before" pics of all of them. Will be posting throughout today and maybe tomorrow in the appropriate threads; I hope that's ok.
  12. Buzz Rickson

    Maybe you're comparing the MA-1 and the L-2B? http://www.selfedge.com/buzz-rickson?product_id=647 http://www.selfedge.com/buzz-rickson?product_id=1936
  13. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    ^ Hmmm. I think this is *usually* sound advice, but I found that OAs stretch A LOT, quite quickly, and without much effort. I sized up one from the tagged size in the Saddle Pants because I was worried they would be too tight. It took about ten minutes of wear for them to fit comfortably around the waist. Within a day or two they were significantly more baggy in the thigh than I would have liked. I still love them, don't get me wrong. But in hindsight I think I maybe should have gone with the tagged size. I suppose it depends on what kind of fit you are going for... (and maybe how active you are...)
  14. Stevenson Overall Company

    Agreed, but I prefer the old pocket design. Why mess with perfection? All the tees are great. The stripey ones and the heather grey henleys are also pretty fantastic looking. Yeah it's usually pretty easy to pick just one or two standouts, but not so much this time around. I have a sinking feeling you're going to be taking a lot of my money very soon. And speaking of denim jackets I don't need more of... Just noticed the denim Deputy. That may be in competition with the original Slinger for awesomest ranch jacket.
  15. Stevenson Overall Company

    SS2018 collection is up on their website. Definitely don't need another denim jacket, but the redesigned Saddle Horn is pretty desirable. (The new Slinger... not so much.) Would also go for that drug rug if I thought I could pull it off. (I can't.) Also, lots of good shirts. http://soc-la.com/item.php?c=1495 http://soc-la.com/item.php?c=1493 http://soc-la.com/item.php?c=1469