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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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Check out my other crap in the evo thread


Your denim jacket looks really amazing!!!! Thanks for your updates.

And let us show more evolution on this great item!!!!

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Seul: IMO you're on the right way. I like this style

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Busters aren't tapered. I'd check those out prior to the 634S'es for the sole reason that you'll dislike the 634S'es straight legged cut coming from a pair of 510x'es (which are slim/ skinny).

i think ill go with the busters... cheers

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I have to second about the great combs on Zigzags pants

And great updates of Samcam and laxlife too!

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nice 666s!!

what kind of sizing did you take for that pair? true to size, upsize, or downsize?

or does anybody could kindly tell me what kind of sizing for 666s. thanks sufu :D

I went true to size for these ( believe i have a fit pick somewhere on here if you are interested) but with the initial soak they shrunk quite a bit due to being unsanforized but eventually stretched into a perfect pair of jeans. It just takes a bit of work but totally worth it.

Also just wanna say thank you everyone for all the kind words!!

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