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  1. Union LA sent an email saying they'll drop Prestos 11AM in store and online, which is in 20 minutes. Notre's email last night said that it's available in store only and any left overs will be put online but that's probably going to be sold out.
  2. apple making the jet black only 128 gb and higher guess they dont want broke boys to flex would've been raw with it too
  3. pics: Willing to do $500 net to me within US or $550 for international if you can pay by this weekend. Something I want is up for sale and I just want to cawp some jawnz
  4. WTS: P10-S in black size small from a few years ago. Has been worn but no flaws. $600 net to me shipped within the US. International add $50 for EMS shipping. Will have pics soon, or just PM me and I'll send them over. Edit: Does not have carabiner, spec sheet, or the plastic bag
  5. gone
  6. WTB P13 in Small, black preferred. PM me pics, flaws if any, and the price you want shipped to the US.
  7. so i listed something on grailed a while back with the intention to sell but due to low interest/lowballs i decided to keep it. I have a guy who lowballed initially way back, didn't even respond to his offer. 2 weeks later he sends an even lower offer, didn't respond again. Now (3 weeks since his last offer) he sends me an an offer 60% of his original offer. I'm not sure what his thought process is here.
  8. when it comes to shipping couriers i feel like ppl rag on usps the most but personally, usps has been better than ups and fedex by far. Quickest and cheapest and picking up packages is not as much of a hassle. I had ups deliver a package to an access point. The store claims they don't have it and to come back the next day. Went back and again told they dont have it. Same dude behind the desk and he tries to tell me he wasn't working yesterday. Cmon son. Phone the customer service number and person seemed to be confused on whether the access point had it or ups had it. Had them start an investigation, which will take a week minimum. They also dont deliver on weekends. For fedex, every time i try to send the package to one of their stores, they always seem to just deliver it and then when I'm not home it gets sent to their main shipping place in the middle of nowhere. Also can't seem to request a transfer to a closer fedex store from the main location since i already requested the transfer initially. Also, for some reason the express international packages cant seem to be delievered on weekends but the cheaper shipping ones can...
  9. toyota corolla headlights are bright af now. They need to chill with that
  10. because of traffic? There's times where I'm on the same block for like 5 red lights before being able to move to the next one
  11. I'll take one of them off your hands
  12. if you press the space behind your balls and right before your butthole after peeing, it should empty out any excess piss
  13. On phone with TWC rn trying to get rid of the phone + TV and keep internet only. Bitch keeps trying to get me to stay but at a lower price but she doesn't seem to understand i want internet only. Side note, they did offer to double my internet speed and lower my bill by ~$30/month. Useful info if i ever get the tv package again
  14. when seller ships with signature confirmation, making USPS leave a notice instead of just at the door. I know it's more secure and everything but I live in a good neighborhood so picking it up from the post office is annoying af