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  1. tsxser

    Left Field Jeans

    Hey guys, #15 here. Sorry for the delay on this post. First time to participate in a fade contest, but not my first pair of raws. I made the mistake of not getting my denim hemmed by the guys at LF, I wasn't sure how long I would actually need them, so right now they are out of town on vacation to be hemmed. Afterwards I will post images. A bit about myself, Im 28 living in Dallas, TX, currently a full time retoucher and studio assistant for a photographer out here. I as well am a photographer, my work is linked below in my sig. I shoot primarily fashion and documentary work. Other than that, I ride a 1971 Honda CL350, it helps keep the idle hands busy. Only pic I have: http://i.imgur.com/PqZkcce.jpg
  2. tsxser

    Punchable Faces (backpfeifengesicht)

    Hell yeah!
  3. tsxser

    SOLD! ToJ 2.2 Bomber (Blk)

  4. tsxser

    Good Finds (eBay/yahoo/etc.)

    Can anyone vouch for this shop? Pretty shotty web design and its based in Hong Kong.
  5. tsxser

    SOLD! ToJ 2.2 Bomber (Blk)

  6. tsxser

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    Its a henley, but yeah I understand that. Just trying to get away from all black.
  7. tsxser

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    gf DIY Undercover Barena Gramicci Vans
  8. tsxser

    SOLD! ToJ 2.2 Bomber (Blk)

  9. tsxser

    SOLD! ToJ 2.2 Bomber (Blk)

  10. tsxser

    motorcycles caused me strife

    Actually the frame has a cross member from the factory, its mounted upon it.