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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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I sdo in a sense but in reality i just went true to my waist size which is a 29. Also I wear a 29 in SDA, 30 in PBJ and Momo X Take5

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Great stuff forbidden!.. It's crazy but mine fit completely differently than yours!..

How much longer than your actual inseam are they?.. Mine are a 33" inseam, so gives me about 1 to 1.5" extra length, but stack they will not!.. So I keep 'm cuffed...

I'll try and take some decent pics tomorrow... But for now:



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you know how they say...pics or it didn´t happen! ;)

You got me Rafa

It just broke my heart, when I saw my old raw denim stuff lying around next morning, so I switched back to my old stuff Denime pants and Lee Storm Rider 101-LJ blanket lined denim jacket pretty soon

So sorry no pics.

But I think I'll try this again in a second round soon. And that time with pics

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Nice fit pics seul. And already start showing a great honey combs potential coming up on those pants

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Yeah apparently some posts were deleted due to the crash: but I posted earlier that I'm 5.75 (175 cms) and had them hemmed to a 33"...

I'm waiting on some indigo beatle busters, I'm a little over 5'8" and got them hemmed to 34 to account for a slight cuff and stacking. I'll post a fit pic when I get it.

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after going through like 50 pages of this thread, styleforum, HB, and the ironheart forums

i still cant figure out if i should go TTS on the 301s or size one down

when i went to selfedge a couple days ago, i tried on some size 33 301s and fell in love

they fit perfectly, a little bit on the tight side, very snug but definitely comfortable

wasn't much of a struggle to put them on

talked to the assistant there and he agreed that this was definitely the right fit

here are some pictures from earlier in the thread that i feel most represent how the fit looked on me

from bottom of page 142:



I do prefer to sag a little bit, but i dont want pants that are literally falling off of me without a belt

i really like the fit of the jeans in the images i posted above(though id definitely hem a few inches off),

and i would like them to stay similar to that if possible

what do you guys think?

should i stay 33 (TTS) or size one down to 32

tbh im not sure if i can squeeze into 32 , i cant fathom how painful it must be, but if it must be done

i will put forth the effort

i am actually new to this whole selvedge business, please excuse my ignorance!

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Man El, I'm really fucking pissed I didn't pick up a pair of those... I'm broke right now and whenever I have money it wants to go towards denim but it just never does lol. Great fit though, really anxious to see those evolve.

My 666ODs


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elclintor, i love the way your 634S-RAW fit on you. You're such a skinny dude, but you still go loose. obbigood, you too...perfect fit, though not as loose as elclintor -- still, imho, perfect.

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I'm guilty of ordering a pair of 666od before doing my research. So I have a (tagged 32) pair that is way too tight. If anyone on here is looking for a pair, PM me. They've only been worn a few times, never touched water, chainstiched to 32 inseam. When I get time, I'll put a sales thread together.

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