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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up trying on the 28s and they fit me a lot better. Would have got them but then, in a moment born either of insanity or brillance, I tried on the 666s in OD and that was it. Wearing them now and LOVING them.

Just had an encounter with a nasty bad pear juice on my knee and I spot wetted it with a paper towel and then dried it by pressing with a dry paper towel. Is it a bad idea to wet just a part, should I just wash them completely? I don't want to end up with a weird difference in the wear or fading of the jeans due to this. Thanks

If a small bit of juice scares you, you might be in the wrong place. Just wear them man, juice won't kill them.

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Awhile back I saw somebody with an Iron Heart hooded sweatshirt. I believe it was either evilcrayon or lando...does anybody know where I can get one of those? It looks dope.

they both have one. lol.

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Deserves to be quoted....these pics single-handedly cost me $360. My 634s-b just arrived today. I was worried about sizing and still kinda worried about whether I'd like black jeans, but they're here and it's all good.

My 634 S-B at, I think, 12-14 weeks:





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Got around to finally taking some fit pics with my SExIH03's (size 34) that I picked up off the supermarket a couple weeks back.

After wearing my FH1001's for the past couple months these IH's felt so baggy...lol. Its a nice change to have a very roomy thigh section and the nice taper at the hem.

However, not sure if this is how they were meant to fit but I am pretty happy with them. That being said I probably should have got a size 33 but at this point I didn't have much of a choice as these have been sold out for ages. I guess I could have opted to not purchase them but had to when I saw them in almost brand new condition. Man these def do not feel like 21oz denim. So soft and breathable! =)



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congrats to the previous posts fpr starting on their way down the 21oz highway. I thought I was going to be heading that way too but I liked the 666 cut way better than the others and had to settle for its 18oz. I thought I had my mind set on the 301s but when i tried them on, the cut was just too slim for my legs. Le sigh...

Doesn't the denim for the 666 end up at 19.8oz after shrinking?

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Hey Beatle,

How do you rotate your IH and still get wear? :) I figured you were only wearing your busters but now I see 666od as well !

How long does it take for the front pockets on the 666od to loosen up? Having a heck of time getting coins and car key in my pockets ! It's like Kevlar. Loving the fit and quality though.

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