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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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planning on getting a pair of iron heart 666s, indigo not od. whats the sizing verdict on these? one up or tts? I wear a size 30 in basically all jeans, was planning on getting one as well, but after looking at the measurement tables on the iron heart site I am a bit scared they're going to be too small in the waist. Im not fond at all of needing jeans to stretch alot in the waist.

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Hey guys I haven't posted in a while so here are some pics of my IH 301. Wearing them for about 14 months and they've had 2 washes and a few soaks. (angles kinda suck cause I had to use a self-timer!)






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Just received my SExIH03's in the mail today. Took some detailed pics. They are not crazy evo pics (like on the last few pages) but thought I would share them with y'all =)

They are a size big but couldn't resist and had to cop.





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