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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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Public Service Announcement:

I've gotten no less than ten PM's from Superfuture users asking about this crotch issue on the 666 Devil's Fit. NONE of the pairs sold through Self Edge will have this issue, the crotch was stitched properly before we even got the jeans at our stores.

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Looking to purchase some BB's. I'm currently working on a size 34 pair of Imperial SEXI14's and i like the fit but i'm looking for something not as skinny with a little more room in the thighs (but still with a slim overall look). BB's in a size 34 would fit the bill, right?

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Guys i really wouldn't worry about the crotch tearing....all the 666OD's that are currently for sale should have the bar tack. Also, i have been riding my bike 30 miles a day for the past 2 weeks as well as super lunging whenever i fancy.

Now the question is, how much do you guys think it'll cost to fix this problem? I'm probably going out first thing tomorrow morning to drop these jeans off at selfedge LA or maybe American Rag to get them repaired. How much do you think it'll cost?

Also: This page needs pictures. Snapped a few fit pics while i was at work today.

Jeans are tagged size 33 with original inseam.

I am 6' and 155 pounds.

I sized up one for this fit.




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i stand corrected

something as simple as this could be taken to any tailor id imagine?

That's what i figured but......

I sorta don't trust any of the tailors in my area.

The nearest shop that has any raw denim knowledge would be rising sun in pasadena but the last time i had them do a hem job it took 3 weeks to get my pants back. SELA or American Rag seem like better choices. It's a 40 minute drive there from my house.....decisions decisions haha

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I've become a big IH fan vicariously through all the fit pics in this thread and in WAYWT. IH jeans seem well built, quality, beautiful and I love the craftsmanship behind the company.

Getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on some Busters. Called down to Self-Edge today to check on the shipping info to Canada. Thought about the Devil's but I have my Rogue Territory S K jawnz still in their infancy (even though I purchased them two years ago--been beating up some other denims) and would be somewhat redundant to the 666.

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im pretty sure all of your purchases are logged in on their computers.

I brought in some skulls a few months after i bought them for a hemming and they were able to locate my purchase in their system and hooked it up.

Id imagine if you got a collab from them then itd be pretty obv. Unless you purchased it 2nd hand.

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