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  1. An Oxymoron

    Raw for Women

    Am I missing measurements for any of these jeans?
  2. An Oxymoron

    Pure Blue Japan

    Those do indeed look nice, but the thigh to waist ratio wouldn't suit me. I went ahead and ordered some Samurai S211VX so hopefully those turn out to be okay. Might not be wearing them in the summer though lol. I guess I will foray into PBJ another time
  3. An Oxymoron

    Pure Blue Japan

    Maybe it’s just selfedge has different measuring techniques, but it seems like the thighs are a bit more generous in the NP-019 model, compared to the other lighter weight ones.
  4. An Oxymoron

    Eternal Jeans

    Do y'all think Eternal will ever make a relaxed tapered variety? I really miss wearing my 811. They were coming along so well but I just grew too much in the top block.
  5. An Oxymoron

    Pure Blue Japan

    Relaxed taper fam! Anyone have suggestions for something from PBJ they've liked that won't be too bad as temps warm up here in hot/dry Utah? Considering the NP-019 17OZ or XX-18OZ-019
  6. An Oxymoron

    Samurai Jeans

    Thank you! Smaller waist, bigger thighs is actually what I’m looking for. Have you tried the S520XX?
  7. An Oxymoron

    Samurai Jeans

    Why does the S211VX Benkei model not exist in like any discussion on the internet? The measurements on this pair seem nice, and the weight is just what I'm looking for but I can only find a few mentions on the internet and only one fit pic from a reddit thread. Anyone here own these? I'm on the fence between these and the S520, but didn't want 21oz.
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