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  1. dealingwithit


    Good call on the pocket bags. They arrived today. Denim is definitely lighter than my lot 800s. I’ve never owned anything with the banner denim but i wonder how this denim compares to that.
  2. dealingwithit


    https://m.caliroots.com/warehouse-lot-1000-authentic-denim-pants-1000or/p/34529 i bought a used pair of these on eBay (they haven’t arrived yet) Does anyone know what the deal with these were? The description says they’re 13.5oz which would mean that maybe they’re “banner denim”? But from what I can gather the 1000 was usually made from the heavier 1000xx denim.
  3. dealingwithit

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Thank you so much guys. All good points and very helpful information. I think I will wait for the memorial jeans to come back.
  4. dealingwithit

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Does anyone have fully shrunk measurements for the RS00 in a size 34? I’m kinda nervous about the rise shrinking below 11” if I end up putting them in the dryer. Usually I wear a 32 or 33 but given how I wash and how the black seed denim reportedly shrinks, I figure I’d size up.