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  1. Strike Gold and PBJ won't work for me because they don't make a cut with a high enough rise. The Samurai 710xx is in my radar but I'm afraid they'll be too heavy. Are the Warehouse lot 800s considered pretty slubby? They are noticeably slubbier than my resoltues and LVC, but I'm not sure how they rank.
  2. Who makes the slubbiest mid weight denim that I can get in a cut similar to warehouse lot 800, LVC 1954 501z, or Resolute 710?
  3. More sailor than denim.
  4. what oz does the 710xx end up at after a soak? 21oz? 22oz?
  5. cuddlestheshee, nice to see a tight, non-dumpy fit on the 666
  6. enough to justify sizing down?
  7. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but does the 4001 denim shrink more or less than the 3001?
  8. @ iGIT - WOW, great job!
  9. Loving both pairs on this page! Question: Does the 1001 denim stretch more than the 3001? if i was going to bet a 30 in 3001 or f310 would i have size down in 1001?
  10. I loving TW3230s, is there a similar cut in the IH family?
  11. Doesn't the denim for the 666 end up at 19.8oz after shrinking?
  12. Bump!!!!!!
  13. Heritage Research Modified Longline Parka. Worn only a few times. Size small. Asking $250 Shipped Measurements: Shoulders - 18.25" Chest - 21" Length - 27.5" Sleeves - 23.5" APC New Cure in size 27. I only wore these a couple of times around the house before i gave up hope of ever being able to button the top button. $115 Shipped Waist measures 14.75" with the dip and about 15.25 all lined up.
  14. Looking for size small in anything in this print.