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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Momotaro Grand Indigo, sorry for so many pics for those that don't enjoy.

They feel and look like they've been getting tighter since I starting lifting again. Don't know how much longer they could stretch for. Was going to sell, wife yelled at me and said they look fine? and I must have forgot they were an anniversary gift hah. Well here ya go.

first couple days




2 months







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Appreciate it, I would but I stopped wearing them they were getting extremely tight in the legs for me I started to lift again during the time I got these and wore them for a couple of months the thigh went from 11.25" to a measured 12.4" and the waist from a 32 to a 33.6 a belt was pointless. They were too uncomfortable to sit down and would always rise up on my because my ass grew too lol.

Hey but I did get another pair 2 sizes up to fit me just right so I will keep you updated on them, they're the same jean basically the 0702 which has a deeper indigo. I just posted a few pics in the Japan blue Momotaro thread yesterday if you wanna check em out and I'll keep updating monthly and what not on em for sure.

^would love to see good pics of them in a few months. the denim is awesome and the combs look promising.

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my 0500s button hole was in need of repair. took them to my grandma's and a few weeks later they were done


initially she was going to just reinforce it in the back so it wouldnt be visible but she said that it was too hard to do that so she had to place some denim around it and make a new hole. also she couldnt make the new overlapping denim sit flush because the denim was too heavy so its not ideal, but it works and adds to the character (so i tell myself). also because of the weight of the denim she had to sew the new hole by hand because her machine wasnt producing the results she wanted





she also looked at the back pockets that i repaired last year and said it was a bad job so she ripped both pockets and reinforced them along with the hole that was there. she lined the back with a full strip of denim instead of just a patch around the hole as seen by the horizontal line along the back pocket



overall happy with the repairs and ill wear a belt so the button hole repair wont be visible most of the time anyway.

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i cant read japanese so ive got no idea what the above texts say, but my latest issue of lightning came with two of these pen/markers and these instructions (?). can anyone read them? does lightning actually recommend pinching and scratching with the pen? @_@

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