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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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i'll take more/ detail pictures eventually.


worn pretty consistently since july 2010.

initial soak, but everything after that gets fuzzy. lots of rain. touched soap 2 times? 6 months and 1 year i think.

haven't been getting love since the ass needs to be patched and i'm lazy!



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My FH 1001s. 2 hot presoaks and a tumble dry in an effort to shrink it to size. Worked out but forgot to turn em inside out like an idiot and they got permacreases (+fades) along the sides of the leg. Oh well, still love em to death.

At 1 year-ish.






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Here are my Iron Heart 666-OD. I've probably put an effective 4.5 months of wear on them. They have had 1 soak so far and are getting their first wash sometime during the middle of summer.

I do apoligize for the shitty pictures as their color is insanely hard to capture.



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Havent worn these in for a year since they're too tight for me now. Probably a year or two of total wear, didn't do anything special except walk in them lol. Hand washed a couple of times. True color is in 3rd and 4th down pics. Crotch repair by denim therapy. Anyone want to continue this for me? Size 27 unaltered $75 shipped, soon in the supermarket.






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Here is a pair you dont see often. One wash pair of Gap Morrison from '07/'08 made in Macau.

Doing some spring cleaning thought I might add these.

Good stuff btuzon, I would hate to let go of denim with that much wear even if I dont fit in them

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Edwin 505X (retired) - 2 years, multiple soak/washes. If you can give me any details about these jeans that would be nice. They were super black then faded to blue and finally ended up green. I dont know if these are raw or selvedge, they seemed to have been tapered possible. Bought these in 2009 from bapelolol. I dont think these pictures accurately show the color of these jeans.





Comparison of the blue/green/black of the denim:


Close up of denim, these were pretty hairy when I got them (I was a denim noob and was confused why it was so hairy)



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