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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Impressive results with this technique. But you only started this frequent washing AFTER the fades kicked in right? I wonder how if you would have gotten the same contrast if you had started doing that from the beginning.

Yeah, I washed every 3-6 months before. I got to a point that I liked the contrast ratio so I wanted to try washing more often, to bring the overall color brighter.

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I'm with graytrain, I wash to a similar schedule.

People rave about high contrast fades, but I honestly look at such fading and it seems fake or forced, and very similar to the kind of jeans you can buy off the racks in shops.

Graytrain's look much better to my eyes because of the frequent use and washing, instead of treating your denim like some art project.

edit: and gill's above actually.

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XX-013 after slightly less than 4 months.


Back of the thighs are fading a lot faster than everything else. Taken on a cell phone camera (sorry).

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Cross posted from the Samurai thread.

At the risk of making this the official Samurai S710XX thread, here are mine at one year. I washed them once around five months and just double washed them due to massive amounts of tour grime. They get soaked and spot cleaned whenever I feel like they are loose or icky.



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after my weight up, it looks like jeans should be rested while I exercise to lose weight. maybe when it can be used again, would I wash for the third time. TFH 1001 1 year 2 month, effective wear 11 month. 2 machine wash, 1 seawash.

if you're not going to be wearing them for a while, washing them before storing them would be wise. leaving the sweat and grime on your jeans is going to break down the denim faster.

otherwise, awesome jeans.

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Not sure if I've ever contributed to this thread, but took some shots of my jeans currently in rotation, figured I'd share.



I've been tryign to lose weight and now only the 660's fit semi-decently. I was goign to wait until the PBJ's get a bit more use but might have to buy a new pair shortly.

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i washed my 666od's as they were dirty as fuck! i'm probably about 5-6 months on them now, they are going to need a crotch enforcement and a patch at the bottom leg. i've had them since last august as well.







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