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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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Skulls 5010xx (cali cotton)

1.5 years, 1 initial soak, 1 wash

Personally, I wish I got the texas cotton cause they just fade more beautifully so it seems


APC New Cures

7 months, 1 wash.

Both pairs have been retired and started wearing my project - Samurai 710xx, so far I'm a month in. Let's see how they turn out!

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crosspost from osaka showdown

These are some pics of my FC1108 at 185 days. So far I've only done the initial hot machine wash to shrink em. Kinda regret it though as they shrunk down way too much. Planning on washing them sometime over the weekend, I'll post some new pics after the wash.

Sorry for the iPhone pics. I do have an s95 but haven't really played around with it so no idea how to take proper photos.







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I began washing my roys every week or so for the past 4 months. Here is the change.

Impressive results with this technique. But you only started this frequent washing AFTER the fades kicked in right? I wonder how if you would have gotten the same contrast if you had started doing that from the beginning.

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