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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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pic heavy post coming up.

here are some pics of my s5000vx sz 32 worn from beginning of feb through mid april all day every day, and then nights and weekends since. initially i did two 1 hour hot soaks before wearing along with two 30 minute tumble dries. i gave them their first cold machine wash about two weeks ago. i have big thighs so they fit pretty slim in the top, but if i bought these again i might try a 31 so i could avoid doing the machine dries

these pics were taken today, so two weeks since the first wash.





i love the rusted backs on the buttons. i have a samurai type iii jacket as well and the buttons on the arm holes are rusted over as well.


this is probably my favorite piece of wear on these jeans.

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damn, son.. look good.. i agree with tooawsome tho.. the before pics waaaay better.. except the wash really did the combs well..

sorry for the noob question.. but how did they lose THAT much indigo after the wash? was this done intentionally? i know theyre collabs, but i thought fh was good at holding color? either way, they both look good..


240x effective wear

0 soak

1 sea wash

1 machine wash

before sea and machine wash


after sea and machine wash



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eternals have the blue coinpocket tab

pbj has the feather on the back pocket


pbj used to have the blue "Japan" tag @back pocket__ they swung it to the front [coin pocket] when they started doing the feather logo embro.



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