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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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levi's 1947 501XX - 5yrs or so?





take 5 x momotaro: 4yrs-ish





both pairs have been repaired at denim doctors, lvc's had massive crotch/backside repair as well as the knees & pocketbags. momo's had the knee and pocketbags repaired.

yes, they're both fresh out of the dryer. after this many years of wear it's not a huge deal to me anymore.

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thanks man! on the up & up, i had them hemmed and slightly tapered @ denim dr's. they're one of my favorites again, unfortunately i don't think i can wear them as much as i'd like as they're really starting to show their age. got them back, immediately started wearing them a lot, the other knee promptly blew out and had to be repaired at a local place.

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Holy crap! Some amazing denim in here, I don't even feel worthy...

but whatever right?

heres my 3 yr old APC New Cure's



A custom 1/1 pair of denim made by a friend


my 5 month old Momotaro vintage



and lastly, a pair that never gets any wear, and could be purchased ( just PM me) Self Edge x Flathead BSP05 sz 28


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