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  1. Pure Blue Japan

    Can anyone comment on how the fit of 005 compares with the 011? Obviously the leg opening differences, but what about the upper?

    I don't have quite the awesome photo collection of other contestants, but here's my submission nonetheless. Unbranded 221, super heavyweight category (21oz).
  3. it finally got cool enough in Hawaii to bike in my jeans
  4. the unbranded brand

    UB221s after however many months the HWDC2 contest has been going on
  5. HWDC2 - Pictures Only Thread

    been a while. here they are.
  6. sorry for being totally MIA on this. I swear I'm still in it. finals just ended and summer has begun so I can really start getting back into being on here regularly.
  7. I would try to show off Hawaii a little bit, but the weather has been rather poor lately. More to come when the skies clear up.
  8. The Strike Gold

    My 1105's are really slow to fade. It might just be because I don't wear them all that often anymore, but I'm kind of starting to like how they aren't really worn out. Plus the texture of this denim is amazing. Examples:
  9. not exactly epic eats, and no denim at the time, but the girl and I celebrated 3 years together last night with a nice dinner. 10 oz prime rib for me, 7 oz garlic steak for her. (apologies for the poor quality, the place isn't that well lit) and a little denim update.
  10. Took a visit down to Santa Ynez valley for wine and beer tastings. Had quite a few interesting drinks, and quite a few drinks in general. Started to get a little whacky in the middle of the second vineyard
  11. the unbranded brand

    they're sanforized, so they wont shrink much in any dimension. they stretch out in tight areas and shrink back with a hot wash or soak.
  12. HWDC2 - Pictures Only Thread

    not a totally legitimate submission for challenge 3, but I decided to wear the 21s on my ride home today. in retrospect, it wasn't the best idea in 31+ degree heat. excuse the yellow tire: I got a flat a couple weeks ago and never bothered to buy a proper replacement.
  13. HWDC2 - Pictures Only Thread

    quick update post-wash
  14. The Strike Gold

    I hope this helps a bit. TTS (size 29) 1105s. I'm not usually a fan of straight legs, but I really like these.