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  1. I have a few jobs apart from HOF. I work with property, also have a superfoods import company and a superfoods retail company. Check out Thanks for the kind words! I assure you my Fullcounts are getting plenty of wear in after farming, skateboarding and motorcycling around Peru haha.
  2. Hey Y'all. I'm pretty sure I've been kicked out of the HWDC by now for lack of posts. I've been away in Peru for 3 months and started a new company so I haven't had much time. I have a couple of videos some of you might be interested in. The first is of my 6 day adventure in Cusco, exploring the Inca ruins. I'll share the next video which is of the Amazon and Lima in about 1-2 weeks time when I get round to finishing it.
  3. Chicote Mate thanks for sharing those photos and taking the effort with that incredible write up! EDIT: oops you replied to a question I was just about to ask.
  4. straying from conventional pics. Having a coffee while I lazily toy with this. Testing out a tracker I'm thinking of buying. What do you guys think?
  5. LOL is it just me or is everyone playing with their contrast settings? Nice picks though. Wish someone would take up the walk around the neighbourhood challenge. (Guess I'll have to do that......)
  6. Hey Luke, got a picture of your golf bag strapped to the back of that bicycle? Hahaha
  7. So I've just got back from a motorcycle tour of Central Vietnam. The tour started from Da Nang and finished at Nha Trang. We passed through Hoi An, Kom Tum and Buon Me Thout to get there! Crazy Highland switch backs and hairpin turns, beautiful coastal roads and pristine beaches. I rode a Honda XR 150 which had great torque but not that great top speed. In Vietnam, it turns out that if you'd like to ride a higher CC bike, you'd need to know someone in the government to get that special license. Here's a few photos of the trip and of course the denim. I'll have a video up showing POV shots of the tour in the next couple of weeks hopefully. Hope you enjoy the photos! My denim is in the wash! Have cow crap, sand, oil, dust, dirt, tar, dead butterflies, etc, all over it!
  8. ^ nice little ball of blue. I hemmed mine by about 2.5 inches. Now I rock the 1 inch cuff. All ready for the DWC.
  9. Ed I did a machine dry on mine to get all the shrinkage out. It only went down by 1.5" on the inseam.
  10. you wanted pictures? I'll do you one better Here's a denim review video I just put together.
  11. Update: After soaking, waist shrank 1.5 inches, inseam shrank 1.5 inches too. Taking it for a hem tmr.
  12. Hey guys! Registered for Middleweight. Fullcount x Signet 1109 15oz. Flo could you add me to the list please? Also, I have a suggestion. Most of you are probably on IG right? If there are no objections, could we use #teamsufu on all our contest denim images on IG? Flo could you add that into the first post as well? Thanks!
  13. I would say in his defence, that the texture feels a little coarse but not quite as rough as samurai.
  14. Got mine today. Just snapped a photo for IG. I've got some time this weekend, will do a quick video of it with a side by side comparison with a Evisu no.1.