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Thanks Beatle... I'll be sure to stop there first on Wednesday... so I can pick them up Friday.

My wallet is not gonna be lookin good come next weekend

These brands cancelling repros has me thinking I'll make a couple extra purchases... not cuz of the arcs and that crap, but because repros are what fit me.

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hey i recently picked up a couple of nudies. both slim jim cut. one of em is black and im just wondering what kind of soak should i do? im currently having to wear uniform and i bearly have time to break into my jeans only on weekends n stuff. i heard a cold soak is pretty good. but i dont know how long i should do it for. and a hawt soak seems to be preferred all over.

Nudies are all sanforized, so no soak is necessary.

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If this is a waste of your time i'm sorry but i'm just tryin to step my "Denim" game up so please help a brotha out :)

....Anyway here is my situation:

....Yesterday u bought a pair of Levi's Regular Fit 505 jeans (size 33x32) *My true size is 32x32* they are my ideal fit for jeans cuz i like the way the go with my Dunks and etc...




...and here are the 501 STF's i only bought cuz i had heard so man good things about em (size 34x32) *My true size is 32x32*




i actually like em but for some reason i felt like they feel/look funny (cuz of how the zipper / button fly part looks extra long :| ) and i also wanted to know if i was to soak these first or wear them for a while before i soke em cuz i really wanted a look similar to this:

(i know they wont fit just like these cuz these Evisus are clearly a diff type of cut but yea :blush: )


....wit the whiskers and honeycombs (if possible cuz these arent tight like them other dudes jeans) I have heard alot and some have told me to just wear ema dn some have told me to sok em fist and soe have even told me to return em and get size *30x32* because they will stretch which made me wonder "ont they stretch if i just were these ?"

...anyway i just wanted to ask u what your thoughts are ? :fonz:

~Should i soak em before i wear em ?

~Just wear em ?

~Return and get a diff size (my true size IS NOT availible :confused: )

....i also wanted to know the diff between 501 STF's and 501xx 's

size down brotha

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I'm looking into purchasing the APC New cure in a size 28, and I'm wondering what the waist measurment is for the NC when it's fully stretched out. I'm looking for anywhere between 15 1/4 -> 15 3/4 inches for a comfortable yet snug fit. If it helps, I plan to wear these just a tad bit lower on my hips because I like just a slightly flatter look on my butt for most jeans.

Thank you!

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^^ there is no true measurement of the waist when it is fully stretched, being that everyone wears them a little differently and full stretch potiential depends on the wearer. the numbers you laid out as your target stretching are safe bets though.

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Yeah - bought them - and sold them - never wore them...I did'nt fall in love...so I have no idea why they don't get honeycombs..

But I believe combs are depending on a lot of circumstances/ tightness, activity and the will power to kneel for a while...

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^ True indeed. Anyway, all jeans fade differently depending on how you wear them, the way they're dyed, he type of dye used, etc. etc. If you're looking for jeans for fading you may want to try some of the brands that are known for that, like the Flat Head. I don't know anything about the brand you have, and I don't recall reading much about them on this forum.

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i got a pair of orisue open sky jeans...theyre a bit long and i think im gonna try to shrink them down...so i was wondering if any1 knows if they are sanforized?

I'm not that familiar with that brand, but chances are good that they're sanforized. Almost all jeans produced today are...and if they're not, they usually say so.

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Guest dojomaster

So I have a question. I currently wear 32X32 Levi's 501XX, kinda shitty but are whatever to me and I wanna upgrade to the previously stated Samurai's. I'm curious though about the fit since I'd be ordering online and once you've got them, you've got them no matter the fit. So anyone who knows about these jeans or wears them, whatever, could you let me know what to expect. The Levi's are slightly baggy on the waist, I can button it completely with no belt and then slide them off without unbuttoning so there is plenty of room I guess one could say. I tried measuring my waist I think it was about 15 inches or so or in the vicinity. The thighs are fairly loose and the calf is extremely loose, the kind of loose I dislike and think looks unattractive.

So what size do those who care think I should get? Or is there even another jean you might recommend? Thanks.:D

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I'm a bit puzzled.

I wear a size 29 in my new cures, they fit VERY tight, when I've wore them for sometime I get red marks on the side of my hips.

This led me to think that a size 29 in a pair of raw diors would be ideal since they seem to run a bit larger than new cures, am I right? Although, raw diors doesn't seem to stretch as much as the cures.

Can't figure out if I should go with size 29 or 30, been doing alot of reading, and I were certain that size 29 would fit well, but now I'm not certain anymore.

I should mention that my new cures measures about 17" in the waist (back) laid flat

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dont you want to soak the denims anyways to get the factory starch and excess dye off?

You can if you want them to be softer. The crunchy-factor will be away with a few wears anyway, and the crunchier they are, the better creases you'll get, which may lead to be contrast.

If you feel more comfortable soaking, then go crazy.

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hm nea what i really ment is, they stay straight... there are no pleats developing, you know what i mean ?

usually after like one day of wear you should see some creases in the back of the knees.

And yea, as I said i wore them for like 5 months + .

Again, I'm not talking about fading, just of getting pleats !


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hm and with honeycombs you mean faded ones or just edges ? cause those pace seem to be quite heavy but they are staing flat and straight everywhere...like they were totally new~~ that makes them look quite boring :/ - u know what i mean ?

maybe that's why I sold them ..sanforized and / in my eyes / very thin for 14 oz....not a good combination ...

They felt like the kind of Jeans that will always go back into the original shape...if that makes sense...

Maybe you should consider moving on and getting another pair ?

BTW - gimme - I am surprised - I don't really have time for my PBJ's - but they developed bad ass honeycombs and nice creases( think I posted a couple pics in the evo thread wayyyyy back, maybe you'll find it..) Surprised your's are different ?/

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