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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Any word on a Kawatako restock?

New wallets are at all three stores this friday, restock on everything else is coming shortly after.

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Self Edge Update

We just received a full restock of all Flat Head jeans including the SE05BSP. Along with the jean restock we've received some new Flat Head and RJB shirts and wallets, all are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store.

Strike Gold has also sent us a full restock of all shirts, sweaters, belts, and jeans. These are turning into some of our fastest selling items, you must see them in person if possible.

We've also gotten a full restock of the Kawatako Brass Keyhooks.

From 3sixteen we've gotten a restock of all their jeans at all three stores and in our online store, if you're size is missing we'll do our best to restock them next week.

Last but not least we've gotten a few restocks of missing sizes of the more popular Yellow Rat items.

Check it all out here: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/

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Is there a new 46 FH t shirt lounging around in any of the stores??

Didn't see one online..

Nope, they don't make size 46, they only did that for our collab tees. Otherwise they only go up to size 44 in t-shirts.

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Any info on when the strike gold sweatshirts are going to arrive at SENY?

They should be at SENY today or tomorrow.

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Just received a full restock of all 3sixteen jeans and bracelets, get 'em cause they gonna go quick:


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did the measurements change on the ST-100x? And do you plan to bring back the 10bsp/20bsp cuts back or no?

Yes, measurements changed very slightly and our site reflects those new measurements.

The 10/20bsp jeans will not be restocked.

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you get those kawatako t shirts yet? need some octopi lovin on my chest.

Kawatako tees aren't coming till January.

We did get two new wallets and some new camera cases at all the stores.

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Have these sold out already?? I need a w33 in the SL100?

Sorry, sold out already, they sell very quickly.

You can try SELA or SENY, which still have em.

The next online restock is monday.

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The Self Edge "Let's Drink!" SALE - This Weekend!

Here at Self Edge we like to find any reason to drink, and better yet, drink with our customers...

So this weekend we're running a LET'S DRINK sale on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This will be the last time we're discounting anything this year. Come by the store and have a few beers with us and enjoy an 11% off (we're odd like that) sale on everything in the store.

We'll have quite a few new shirts, jeans, jackets, leather accessories, silver jewelry, and more in the store just in time for the weekend from Iron Heart, Mister Freedom, Flat Head, RJB, Strike Gold, Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson, Dry Bones, 3sixteen, Yellow Rat, Stevenson, Kawatako, and more.

Come by and check out all the newest releases from every line we carry and restocks of all the jeans from all the brands which we stock. There's quite a bit of new product coming in daily and some will be going up in the online store over the next few days, some will be in-store only until after the weekend.

It's rare for us to have a blanket sale like this... Everything will be marked down 11% for three days so come by and have a drink and check out our new goods.

SESF & SELA will be serving locally made artisan ales and SENY will be serving Miller High Life or Yuengling because that's how they do it in New York.

In-Store Sale at SESF, SENY, & SELA:

November 25, 26, & 27 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Self Edge Online Store Sale:

Starts 9am (PST) Friday, November 25th

Ends 5pm (PST) Monday, November 28th

Sale in-store and online will be 11% off (Excludes all printed media, CDs, & hems/repairs). Customers which are not local can use a coupon code for 11% off everything in our online store starting at 9AM (PST) Friday November 25th, the coupon code will be good until 5pm (PST) Monday, November 28th.

Sale terms cannot be retroactive for past purchases or to pre-purchase items which are not in our current stock.

Coupon Code for 11% off along with free shipping worldwide: LetsDrinkAgain


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hey kiya - what's the turn around time for repairs in NY?

Repairs take 5 to 7 days at all three stores. (Hems take about half that time).

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When the next restock of ih301s coming in?

Either saturday or monday.

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Kiya-any Self Edge x Toyo Enterprises left at SENY in a 28? These: http://www.selfedge....products_id=538

Also, any Shearers left in a 28 at NY?

Might stop by Friday

We have both colors of the Shearer in 28 at SENY. We do have one pair of SEXT11 in size 28 on its way back to us, might not be here by Friday but will be here very soon.

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