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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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I'd like to add to all three of these posts by saying yes Superfuture > Facebook. I want to suggest a Superfuture iPhone/Android Application! I've been dying for it since iOS 2.0! Push notifications for thread updates, Supermessages, and maybe a Superchatroom feature for specific threads?

Ah who's kidding? I'd settle for an iPhone web application version of Superfuture! Just make it easier to navigate from a mobile device so I don't get anymore of that awful accidental unsubscribing from my Supercontrol.

Then we can stay in constant contact with Kiya about Self Edge!

i just created at superfuture icon for my home screen. its convenient enough, although i hardly use it. seconded though, an application would be nice.


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yes im serious dammit how do you do that?

Press the plus sign on the Internet screen then add to home screen

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Some more photos along with a nice write-up on SELA:


my favorite comment exchange from this:

Why carry Mister Freedom when the Mister Freedom store is around the corner?


Cause his store is the shit that's why. What do you carry in your store?

my token picture from opening:


great stuff and dig the notched hanger rails (or whatever they're called)

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Stop wondering about the new brand, it's not what you think it is.

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Is denim consciousness finally penetrating the city of Chicago? It's taken long enough. Perhaps Self Edge can fill the void Mayor Daley is creating by leaving office. Chicago, vote for Self Edge!

...Anyway, it's nice to see all these Chicago denim heads posting asking for a Chicago store. It would be nice to have the ability to try on jeans rather than order online and cross my fingers.

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