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Samurai Jeans Geisha Denim Evolution Thread


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I work in printing and one of the things we print is large format vinyl and board. To cut these we use a large flat bed cutter. Today i got a bit too close to the blade.





Sure it won't be so visible as they fade more but still a bit pissed. That being said it could of been a whole lot worse 

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I think that’s awesome. Looks like maybe some warp threads got cut, so it might split right there. Patch / repair and you’ve got a great story to go with a different-looking but really genuine fade. 

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Here's my pair, had them tapered a tad to fit me a bit better. 2 Hot soaks, one wash last weekend. These have been on 2, 12km hikes and other than that they've been worn to the office only. Since i got them after Christmas I've probably put 3 months of wear into them on rotation with my FH3009 DWC pair. 


Tried to use lightroom to emulate how these look IRL, my monitor hasn't been calibrated in a while so these may look off on some screens, should be pretty true to colour on MBP and MBP retinas 


26555538093_cfdc59808a_o.jpg_SDG2422 by matt karai, on Flickr


27160126645_01c180d42d_o.jpg_SDG2413 by matt karai, on Flickr


26555570493_a2410d0f23_o.jpg_SDG2431 by matt karai, on Flickr


27064997792_1059297fc7_o.jpg_SDG2411 by matt karai, on Flickr


27091649921_c975dc55d3_o.jpg_SDG2425 by matt karai, on Flickr


26555553943_26d6e7c6d5_o.jpg_SDG2427 by matt karai, on Flickr


27065015382_f4e1a03b00_o.jpg_SDG2429 by matt karai, on Flickr

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picked these up for $40 just because why not. the rise is too short to wear. either going to give them to a friend or return them. just figured what the heck. dont see many pairs of worn and faded geisha pairs around and i'm too impatient to break out my denimio pair yet. wish these fit better


denim feels a lot heavier than texas cotton even though the weight isnt that much different.


GA0510LXX. unknown size but they fit like a  size 3. fit pics to come later.










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Bit more evo on mine. Still holding off on the first wash for a little while longer

Man I really want to start on mine but I kind of want to save then for the DWC next year. Currently wearing 710xx and those are my DWC pair (no crazy evo like yours since I can only wear them on the weekend).

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