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66 type jeans

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oh yes! they make me look ten kilos less than what I am. they're only slighty constricting at the balls area, but it's more me having gigantic attributes rather than a design fault haha!

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shirt is a JCrew chambray. construction is perfectly done, though it lacks several substantial 66's details (no double chainstitch waistband for example).  fabric is good, thick and soft, but it lacks a bit the feel of a 66's repro. It looks much darker than TCB 60's when new, and it doesn't have that magic pale blue hue.

the best thing for me is absolutely the fit, for the rest it doens't have half of the feel and "soul" of the TCB 60's, but it's fine with me this time. I really wanted a new pair of jeans with a nice trim silhouette and now I have it! I've been comparing measurements everywhere and some other pairs which sported more interesting fabrics (FC, WH, SC and others) were not good for my body measurements, most were either too wide in the thighs or too wide at the hem, or too high rise for my vino drinking belly. I am still on the fence whether to join or not the DWC but should I join I am pretty sure I wouldn't have troubles to wear this pair everyday for a long time. the fit is perfect and I bet it will work with any type of outfit.

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Bloody great fit Volvo! Send me all your wine so you don't ruin that fit of yours.


On my end I've been sporting my Denime basic 66 lately since I needed to repair my TCB's. I will probably give them a hem job to give it a cleaner look. Though the pic is a little dark, here's one from this weekend.



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absolutely perfect Bobbo. your jeggins wearing friend should be either banned from sufu for that fit or at least censored haha, as I've just wrote on the other thread!

I won't send any vino though, the rise on the porky's is perfect for me so that I can keep porky-ing around with my wine and food ahah!

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Haha! As you might suspect my mate is not a Sufuer, just an old rockstar that refuses to wear anything roomier. I'll let him know he's banned though if he'd ever decide to join our band of denim abusers!


Sounds like you have the perfect rise, haha. 


Edit: The usual typos!

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here's some first hand infos on Porky's 66


size 34 measurements

waist 91 cm (that's after a couple hours wear, I don't feel they've stretched much)

front rise 28 cm

back rise 39 cm

thigh 31,2 cm (measured on the right leg thigh without including the crotch seam)

hem width 21 cm



the jean itself



leather patch



waistband constructions


note: no double chainstitch construction and V stich at top button (not vis)


button details



rivet details



porky's red tag



nice chainstitch hem done by the Porky's boys



my favourite detail: dual tone chainstitch hem. that's a thing I like, a nice subdued "under the radar" detail that only the initiated could appreciate!



fabric details



my opinion

fit: fantastic, they use great patterns which work great for my body type.

construction: very neatly done, immaculate construction

fabric: rather bland fabric, too dark to be a proper 66's homage IMO, not hairy. though it has a nice weight to it and it doesn't feel cheap at all. just lacks a bit of "personality".. we'll see how it will fade. if it does fade anything near the greatness of the Porky's xx samples I've seen I'll be a happy boy.


I think they're a great deal for the money and they fit me probably better than anything else I have, though to really excite me they lack some of the wabi-sabi attention to repro details that the likes of TCB and others have in spares.

Anyway as previously stated i am really happy because i needed a new pair of jeans that could work properly in a business casual kind of work environment and these are perfect for the task.

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the Porky's feature an error that is becoming increasingly common on recent jeans - look at the bottom of the yoke, where the double lines of stitching meet. The stitches line up - they shouldn't, on any post-war Levi's styles. 


this is how the stitching should look:



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god damn it....  it took me 10 minutes and a thousand looks at the two pictures and my Denime 66 to get what you mean - i finally did  <_<


for your information, the latest Denime 66 is done right!



what is the reason for that change anyway?

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There's a great post on this by Mizza in his Making a Pair of Jeans thread.


Early levi's were sewn like that pair; but altho it looks neater, it's actually assymetrical, in terms of the pieces of fabric. There was also a lot of variation in terms of whether the left yoke panel was sewn on top of the right, or vice versa on prewar jeans.


The later version is more elegant in construction terms and arrived  after WW2. As Maynard points out in his pithy way, some people call that correct construction "the stagger", as in there's a little stagger between the two lines of stitching.


the stagger often gets missed - it's actually missing on my 1998 LVC 555 55 501s, the era some people say are far superior to other LVC, altho most LVC gets it right.

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look forward to go home and see if TCB got it right! damn you have an eye for details Paul!

My TCB 60s - looks staggered to me... no pooching to see here folks


Although the crease in the red tab is getting on my nerves a bit. What a thing to go all OCD about!

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