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66 type jeans

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It's already on the list. I'm definitely keen on the FC's, measurements look to be sterling for my body type. I found the measurements you posted of a 34 raw and compared them with OW on rakuten. Make me "an offer I cannot refuse" and I'll get 'em from your shop!

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I love my Porky's btw. Somebody (I think b_F) sent me a pm about sharing updated pictures for these at some point - and I will at some point this summer. I now have two pairs of them. One getting fairly worn in and one worn when I need dark/unfaded jeans.


I really liked them when I first received them and here are some long term impressions:

-still like the denim, it has nice vertical streaking. They aren't dyed super deep as the fading moves from blue to white fairly quickly.

-cotton thread sucks. These will need repairs soon.

-still hands down the best cut for my body type

-price point is amazing for what you get

-biggest thing I love is the lack of hidden rivets. On all my past jeans, the hidden rivets caused advanced wear long before they were needed to keep the pockets from coming off. I don't have that problem with these :)

-my second pair did have one rivet pop off - don't really care though.

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Did u measure the thigh at crotch or 10cm lower?

Does the denim stretch the typical fullcount way? I'd want the waist to stretch back to 90/91 cm circa (35.4/35.5 inches)

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^ I have yet to see a pair of jeans where the waist didn't stretch back to raw measurements. So you will surely achieve to stretch them 0,5" below raw size


but doesn't FC denim stretch out/back again even more than pre soak?

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The 13,7oz denim for sure. I just wanted to assure volvo that any pair of jeans (regardless of the brand) with 36" pre-soak waist will quite easily get back to 35,5". Speaking from my personal experience though

Yeah it should work out fine!

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i received the sc41966N (sz 32) from PSA yesterday and gave them a hot soak/line dry; they started out huge, shrunk A LOT and will probably shrink a bit more in the next couple of washes (which i guess is OK).  i snapped some pics to compare with the sc41947N (also sz 32)


sc66 on left, sc47 on right, the sc66 has a slightly longer rise and is slightly narrower in the leg -- i think this will be more visible once the sc66 is fully shrunk (it's very noticeably slimmer in the leg when worn however)





i didn't notice a size difference in the coin pocket but maybe there is one (the sc66 does have a tag attached where the sc47 does not)





though i did notice the rivets are different


sc66 rivets





sc47 rivets:




and the sc 66 has the bigger back pockets




and of course the sc 66 has the paper tag




regarding the denim characteristics, the sc 66 denim seems sleeker and possibly starts out darker than the sc 47 after the initial soak, though i could be wrong (i just don't remember the sc47 being so inky-dark as the sc66 ); the sc 66 also seems to have come out of the initial soak stiffer than the sc 47, and was one of the stiffest denims i can remember;  the sc66 denim is slubbier than the sc47 denim, and feels like it might have a looser weave, but it's not very hairy like some other 66-types...both are great!

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The sc66 are made in USA Ed. Great comparative post Ihfan! Definitely more stitching count in the 66 as far as I can see.

I decided to hold o on Sugarcane til I will buy my next antifit pair (47's) top block on Sc66 is too loose for my taste, but it will work well for you as far as I can see!

While we are at it here's a Porky's 66 fit posted yesterday on IG by the Proky's guys


That's for me the epitome of a perfect 66 style fit, a regular top block, regular legs and a very balanced taper. Not too tight not too loose.

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I'd be curious to hear what Mr Bielby thinks of that fabric compared to other pieces in his collection.

I've not handled it but I guess it's plenty good for what it costs.

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.... Well,  Porky's don't make their own jeans... for instance their XX model is made by a brand some of us are quite familiar with  :D


share your wisdom!


regarding the fit on those two porkys I gotta say, that fit and cut is realy perfect, maybe 66 inspired cuts are my favourite ones...  B)

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