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WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)


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is that a ro dustbag? lulz


du on the very left a pretty rare breed, not swapping out those blue laces for black lol

that b notesee. i never negged him ever i think Edited by SSchadenfreude
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Fabric-scrap scarf, thrifted cardigan, oak, digawel, annd

texture shot v


p.s. srry for waywt spam.  Project deadline is not pants-shittingly intense this weekend so I have more time to do this shit + colder weather means fresh outerwear choices

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that was/is cool and all, but everybody gettin older

True. a lot of OGs have kind of have adopted the"streetmix" style, rather than the high fashion everything style that predominated sufu circa 2005.

Also, a lot of discovered new interests. Instead of spending our gwop on nothing but fashun items, we b putting $ towards lifestyle items eg athletic gear, furnichure, audio equipment and etc

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