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got my package from hall of vame






1) haha you wish i had a hot gf.... wait i wish i had a hot gf.

2) I probably won't homebrew any beer but i'll be sure the flip through it for educational purposes.

3) flask is pretty neat. from the looks of it, you've made a lot of use out of it already, so cheers.

4) pretty awkward cast in this movie so i'll be sure to check it out.

5) the hat fits, but i always feel like i look weird in these types of hats.

6) laces

7) not a fan of tabasco, but i'll prolly put some tapatio in the bottle for my eggs, thank you very much.

8) jagerjagerjager

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charlie papazian is a mothafuckkin legend

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I fear the point of Superswap has been lost amongst unreasonable expectations and Acne suits.

lol at you getting all sagey (and straw man)

he could've sent one of his 'paintings' but he decided to clean his room

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you're not meant to be asking for stuff/waiting for people to give you ideas man, the point is to put together a dope, well thought out package that'll make someone's day.

props to wahwho for not kicking up a fuss in here if he thought he was getting shafted, it should be about giving instead of receiving, after all (no homo in any of that sentence), but you probably could have put a bit more thought into what you were sending.

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i did ask for people to step their game up, but i redacted it afterwards. if you think your package is going to get mixed to negative reviews, think again and put another finishing touch on it. it's been said, but imagine getting your package and thinking if you'd like it.

there's enough past superswaps to look through to gauge what level of greatness you should be upholding.

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look, the package seemed weak to me. that's fine, i can deal with that. i don't hate you or anything. maybe i'll put some tabasco in the flask with the lanyard over my neck. try to fit into a small shirt when i'm size large and have a drink dedicated to you. plus shoelace.

the problem is if i see 41 more packages like this, there's no need to click this thread anymore. props to okay, philo, ohsnap, it's annoying setting these things up and more annoying when there's flakers. props to tarotron and co. for the previous swaps.

there should have been a superhotsauce swap, that would actually be cool. people taking pics of them eating shit with it.

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