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I'm in as well. 4th Superswap for me I think. I'll be in Asia so my partner will get fun stuff from there.

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im in again. hopefully i don't have to put together a package with shit from 2 different sides of the world and not even have pictures of it posted like last time.

yes, that's you dioxic


i have the pics of your box i can upload if you want. it was amazing. i think i forgot to send them to dioxic

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cool working on the pairings now, doing due diligence to make sure noone gets joined up with irl friends//people they have beef with etc.

if there's any other reason that i might not be able to find out from sufu why you wouldn't want to be with someone, let us know...

PS still waiting on clothing sizes for a couple people - looking at you dropt, homi, chariy, and ed (also vamps if you want to give us shoes sizes etc...)

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pair me w Evan.

the first swap (when things were really fkn weird) i sent instant gravy mix, rubber gloves, and a couple other things.. i forget..

another one i sent lars these really retarded recipes my ex left when she moved out. really bad, like "cheese bread: put cheese on bread, and toast" (maybe not that bad..)

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