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ok so don't know at this point if I'll be helping to organise the next one, but I'm sure whoever does it will make a new thread whenever they want to run v7. probs register interest in that thread when it pops up rather than here, in case this one gets lost in the annals of time. also in case you change your mind or whatever between now and then...

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Oh dear. Am I to be the sufu event organizer? I guess I could make that my new title.


What month do we want the swap to go down in, July? Or is "late summer" August?


As far as organizing a swap goes, a "mentor" from a former swap would be invaluable. It was both needed and appreciated for the Ebbets order.

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I have the names of everyone who has expressed interest in participating in superswap v7 from this thread and I am ready to start a new thread. I will set up sign up and cutoff dates based on the previous parameters if I don't hear anything. I can always edit the post.

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