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Top 5 Things You Want for Christmas


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It's that time of year again and I'm usually not one to ask for anything for christmas but I'm apart of this kris kringle thing so I need to make a wishlist (biggest run-on sentence of life). Anyways, this thread is more about me and less about you so tell me what I should ask request for $50 or list your top 5 wants...whatever.

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What's good u candy cane cum guzzler DICKCEMBER is here and u know what that means â„ HOE HOE HOE season has arrived put on your rudolph pasties pop ur peppermint pussy and sit by the fireplace with some hot COCKLATE ☕if u want to get RAWED under the mistletoe this christmAss send this to 15 of your sluttiest elves if u get 0 back ur an UGLY GRINCH if u get 5 back ur a SEXY SNOWMAN ⛄⛄if u get 10 back ur a BAD JINGLE BELL BITCH SHARE in 69 seconds or you won't be gettin dicked down in 2â•0â•1â•6

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