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fingers crossed sufu tech isn't gonna fuck this up w a broken link for the third time...

it's that time of the year again! I'm volunteering to take the lead on this one...but wouldn't mind finding that special someone to co-chair this thing. I'm pretty impatient / inflexible when it comes to deadlines, so we'll make this really clear and set dates far enough out so everyone has enough time to do it right.

edit: ohsnap and philosophiliac are my wingmen. Or I'm theirs, however you wanna look at it.

If you fucked up in the past you can just fuck off now, looking at you Gullyside or whoever you are now.

Extra life rep for handmade jawnz. I've looked in the Post Your Creations thread and I know lots of you are crazy talented, and if anything, Pinterest is like...way popular right now so look there for inspiration. Make a fucking birdhouse or a ginger snap cookie pie or whatever.

If people are into it it would be cool to make some sort of theme, not sure what yet...but open to suggestions. Something easy but fun.

Post below to sign up and we'll get this thing started! Also, if it's easier, post the country you're from if you want and we'll try to coordinate people so nobody has to drop crazy $ on international freight...hopefully.

If you receive a pack and don't ship anything I'm gonna talk a lot of shit, and I'll have your address so expect full wrath...I will literally post your shit on Craigslist advertising a seniors only gangbang or something, don't think I won't.

Taco and Sam killed it last 2 times, let's make this legit!


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Let's keep this shiii on the front page

(stolen from ohsnap on p.2...)

- Let us know in here and/or via email to [email protected] when you ship

- if you have a tracking # DO NOT POST IT IN THE THREAD so as to preserve the surprise for your partner. send it to [email protected]

- when you receive your package, let us know and post some pics


official superswap v6 participants:

1.) okayokay (large | w33 | sz9.5)

2.) ohsnap (small/medium | w30-31 | sz8-9)

3.) demonator (medium/large | w33 | sz9)

4.) adh92 (medium | w31 | sz12)

5.) mapclub (sz44 | xs | w28 |sz9)

6.) alexsade (small | w29 | eu44)

7.) ifeelasleep (small | w30 | sz8.5)

8.) sawyer (50 | 40 | Large)

9.) choice (medium | w32 | sz10.5)

10.) desi (xs | w28 | sz8)

11.) funkdoobi (large/x-large | w38 | sz12 | 42R suit | 16.5 dress shirt)

12.) i wear shooes (medium | w32 | sz9-10)

13.) alimenator (medium | w32 | sz9.5-10)

14.) christos (xs/small | w29 | sz9)

15.) denton (large | eur52 | sz9.5)

16.) evilcrayon (medium | w29 | sz9.5)

17.) homi29 (xs | w29 | sz8.5)

18.) bryanayrb (small | w29)

19.) valdizno (medium/large | w30-31 | sz10-10.5)

20.) e0d9n0b5 (medium | w32 | sz9)

21.) spaghetti (xl/xxl | w38 | sz15)

22.) robbie (medium | large/xlarge in vintage | w31 | sz9)

23.) exteeng (men's small | women's medium | w25 | women's sz6.5)

24.) andrewisdope (medium/large | w31-32 | sz9)

25.) doublefudge (small | w29 | sz10)

26.) fycus (large | w32-33 | sz10.5-11)

27.) layne (medium | w30-31 | sz10-10.5)

28.) wahwho11 (large | w34 | sz11-11.5)

29.) xewo (small | w30 | sz9)

30.) merry burger (women's medium | medium | us sz8-8.5)

31.) bearcousin (medium | w31 | sz9.5)

32.) the hall of vame (eu38-40 | w30-31 | sz10)

33.) lawlercopterz (large | w31 | sz11)

34.) sawn-off chef (xs | w30 | sz8)

35.) freecat (medium | w33 | eu sz43)

36.) augustus (xs/small | w29 | sz7.5-8)

37.) thelion1856 (large/x-large | w38 | sz11)

38.) minelee (medium-large | w30 | sz10-10.5)

39.) lozinski (medium | w32 | sz11)

40.) tween_spirit (small | w30 | sz9-9.5)

41.) 72virgins (small/medium | w30-31 | sz9-9.5)

42.) kaws&effect (medium/large | w32-34 | sz10.5-11)

et al:

name bolded = e-mail received!

blue = package shipped!

++ registration open until july 25!

++ packages sent out by september 15!

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I am in!

Should set a cutoff join date right now I think so we can get this started..

also, would it be okay to have a post minimum requirement or sign up people at okayokay's discretion rule or something? It would cut down on flakers / no-shows

would also mean there should be no need for superswap care package crew this time, right?

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in (!!)

when i was thinking of doing a candy swap with mapclub, i came up with an idea for participants to donate any amount of money ( could be < $1 ) to designated care package handlers to fund goodies for people who don't end up receiving anything. just a suggestion, but it could possibly filter out the flakes

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