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  1. funkdoobi

    super trash is now about

  2. funkdoobi

    Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO

    haven't really browsed in MONTHS. i may be down. haha.
  3. ypypypypypypyupupupupuppu
  4. funkdoobi

    Stranger's Reactions to Your Clothes

    Some drunk guy on the subway said my Visvim x Fragment x Undercover shamans look like Peter Pan shoes. I yelled, "Got a problem FUCKface?". He ran off the train.
  5. funkdoobi

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    Dug out the diserved pics from drapygo. Btw, I'll be sending you another box soon-time. That was a quick one that isn't up to funkdoobi swap standards.
  6. funkdoobi

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    My swap partner should have received a supplementary package until I get the other one out.
  7. funkdoobi

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    To my swap partner. I'm a fucking asshole and apologize profusely. In the past couple months I've moved and got into a car accident shortly after and shit where i got a lil fucked up, but that's not an excuse. I've had the box prepared for awhile now, but it's just been in the back of my mind as I'm dealing with physiotherapy and lawyer shit (some fucking asshole ran a red light and t-boned my fiancé and I. He hit us on the passenger side, I was the passenger.) I'll be sending out something to you very shortly. Once again, my apologies.
  8. funkdoobi

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    I've been a shitty partner this go around. Been mad busy with work and other obligations. I have like 150$ in swag that's been sitting around just for when I have a chance to throw it into a box and ship out. I'm moving this week and am hoping that I'll be able to hit up a post office this weekend to ship out. My apologies, swap partner. A dope package from Hard Cock Express is imminent.
  9. funkdoobi

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    Got my package. Forgot who it was from, but i took a bunch of pictures of it that I'll post shortly after I finish mine. I slacked this year in getting 1 out fast. Going to be going after work today to get some more goodies to throw into it.
  10. funkdoobi

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    I'm down.
  11. funkdoobi

    Superswap v7 *NEW EDITION*

    Perhaps make a new thread stating possible rules for v8 and try to get a feel for who'd be interested. Also what details would be required from everybody this go around.
  12. funkdoobi

    Superswap v7 *NEW EDITION*

    I'd be down if someone were to organize it. I got some shit to send out to set the bar for a dope package (again).
  13. funkdoobi

    WTB VISVIM 22L backpack