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Ode to the OGs


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Shout out to winq for being so based

Wuttup Winq.


This is what sufu really is:



Shoutouts to Mrip, Sycamorenomore, Dranoelsy, Samsikle, DUM, and the rest of you fuckers that came to mine and Evilcrayon's SF housewarming thing.

Need to see you guys again real soon. ;)

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wow, didn't even know there were still so many of you people from back then still in here. i thought lab had disappeared from the face of the earth (stopped updating his blog or became private or some shit like that) and i figured JJ would be too busy designing cars on autocad or something to that effect.

Does daniway still get pleased an average of 3 times when she has intercourse with the douche looking doppelganger of halifamous? does she get reported on facebook for posting nudes? hopefully someone has the answers

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my experience of vintage sufu was mainly one of viewing, but for me people seemed so much funnier then, with great characters who came with a sense of innocence and exploration which culminated in the infamous meet ups.

begs was my favourite poster and one of the most hilarious and talented contributors to that time period. i liked englands beefs and think jane is much funnier than she gets credit for.

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