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  1. bit try hard
  2. percy. who you?
  3. more guns.... less crime....
  4. you guys are so out of date still posting in this thread
  5. more puppy pics
  6. well i think he is beautiful
  7. merry burger: your turn
  8. oh shit sorry mik didnt mean to press neg
  9. i wish he could pass a ball five metres
  10. so many cute sufu girls, i dont know who to stalk first!
  11. did you finger her?
  12. i dont completely agree on your analysis of spain and italy for tomorrows match, but i thought the rest of your post was good.
  13. goth ninjas died in 09 edit: or at least they should have done
  14. dont worry armfelt, how they can neg you but rep the one after you is insane. dont worry about trying to impress these punks...