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Ode to the OGs


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i wish darkanimal did more of these waywt clone pix hahaha

he should post more

he also had the strongest personal style out of anyone on the board, by far

the only dude who could truly wear leather jackets like a badass

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got halfway through this epic story that involved like 15 sufu OGs, winq, sleazie ninja no. 47, mass, still, |3ootlegs, mrip, billy, DUM, djrajio, salaryman, chromesquared, Cotton Duck, azn8oi, dizzhizz, wild_whiskey, etc; my taco truck dreams, the point where me and winq came up with the Temple of Jawns name, the vagina that I posted to the cell phone pics thread that mass photoshopped into the Scream, me and winq going broke on retail price high fashion, hard liquor and cigarettes for like 3 months, meeting Daul Kim and making her say "wooooowwwwwwwww" when she saw us in Raf Eastpak v1s at a Korean hipster flea market, where my future wife appeared out of nowhere at my house party wearing this huge fishtail parka, me and winq's trip to Tokyo to meet a B.A.L.L.E.R. and Cotton Duck, me on my own after all that and getting this job for a month and then getting fired, and then seeing this bitch who fired me on facebook at a wedding with sleazie ninja no 47, it's a huge saga that leads to now. I'll type it up again sometime later. :o

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moved to LA and plays guitar, eats pho, has a day job i think. I met up with him last summer and Appleseed came along too.

That was a fun night, from what I recall, ha-

Shout out to T_C, Vampy, Insomnia, and FranklinCosgrove

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perhaps he is mixing up the scream with a beagle

actually, well the image that mass posted somehow isn't available anymore (neither is the original vagina)

but if i recall correctly, it was a cute little beagle

and why is begs in a perpetual state of hibernation

he must return

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