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Ode to the OGs


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how fun was trying on hats in barneys with timber and sam??

btw that haggard bitch nearly ruined burritos for me

that reminds me, sf meetup with junglejane, dum, mrip, diamonds, timber, larss, samsikle and the lady with the sour cream claw.

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Posted · Hidden by dro-_-, March 16, 2012 - No reason given
Hidden by dro-_-, March 16, 2012 - No reason given

thank you sufu, for having me lurk and helping me learn about style since '08

+1 10 char

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guy_h is the first dude i remember posting up samurai jeans


does frides_wide still post here

b/c (s)he actually knew shit instead of pretending to

and uh... red foxxworthy thought i was a chick b/c of my heavy metal/frazetta avatar of a barbarian chick

and smackadog for hooking me up with my first pair of japanese jeans

viv1984viv for being a clever clogs

landho who went away when he couldn't get repped anymore

this is turning into an edward gorey picture book

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