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  1. Stop Lurking

    ok sure
  2. japan :: tokyo :: general

    might be in town in december. gonna see if i can do an away rotation there for M4 year.
  3. Acronym.

    can j46-s owners help me with sizing? 6'2 ~160lb 36" chest 16" shoulders 32" waist nothing is long enough for my arms Thinking about L but shoulders might be too small.
  4. Paris shopping, eating, drinking and living

    going to be in paris this december. any recs for good coffee in the city? got the rest sort of figured out. any sufu old heads, hmu if you're around
  5. FS: cape and jacket

    Cape is on the 'bay: goo.gl/XwFVzA
  6. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    it's probably not healthy to revere someone for buying things but i wouldn't have known about a lot of stuff if it weren't for that guy.
  7. Super Trashed in Paris

    yeah same will be in town june/july
  8. Iron Heart Jeans

    just received 301s from SE. waiting for them to dry post-soak. feels good to wear jeans again. all i had was a pair of n(n)s and they're bout to retire.
  9. Idk, my master's degree definitely helped me get jobs. Jobs that won't cover the costs of med school though.
  10. what are you watching today?

    this page sucks
  11. WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    can't imagine those frames looking better on anyone else
  12. 5 best dressed girls on the internet

    interesting, never seen a girl in cav empt before. can someone explain this to me
  13. japan :: tokyo :: general

    cosign on eau cafe. used to study there ppl don't like going to the roof so it's nice and quiet
  14. usa :: san francisco :: general

    nice, hope you got my fave boba flavor