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Ode to the OGs


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Oh i ain't done

Shoutsout to all the pre tumblr members

Mike Lowrey when he still wore vans

|3ootlegs for always selling some nice shit

Diamonds and Timber - First sufu couple

Joey Formal long hair don't care

Mrjuby and Gfunkdoctor for Jawnz a Love Story

Scott.M for all cropped everything

Charly for gettin brolic

Clopek for the geller fetish

Mass for the obscure movie taste

Landho for the karokee

Sidney Lo for the book

Fab for skinny steezin

Kiya for the shops

Cotton Duck for always being the tallest in waywts

Junglejane for the hookups

Soepom for her singing voice

Whizkid for the CdG love

Tangerine for being the oldest

DUM for the drug raps

Julz for being the right kinda thick

Ordo for the chops

Begs for being unable to ever spell his username

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jeepster for the post count and tallness and everything

nf one for steezing with a perfecto







scarlett is that kind of girl where you see her at the club and she's fucking hot and its ridiculous and you somehow work up the courage to talk to her and you get her home and you have the most amazing sex of your life, you're both totally synched together, all the nasty shit you think about doing but no other girl wanted to let you do, she does it, and you pass out and wake up the next day at 11am and she somehow managed to turn meager scraps of food in your dirty fridge into a delicious brunch and while you sit there eating in silence, looking at her, you realize that she is even better looking in daylight with her nipples peeking out through your white undershirt that she threw on and you stop and realize that maybe you should just propose to her on the spot.

so you do, and she says yes. she cleans your apartment up and moves in,

a few years later after travelling the world together you have a perfect little son and

you kinda get jealous when she's breastfeeding but its cool cuz thats your kid.

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