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^^ Yeah I want to see 011 pics

I posted them up a while back...here are the links.

Pre: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?p=2093305#post2093305

Post: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?p=2106542#post2106542

So yup, there you have it.

and ranonranonarat I picked them up from BiG while I was visiting my friend at NYU in December. Gordon told me that I picked up one of the last two pairs though, so I'm not sure when the restock will be.

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i agree its just his pose, judging from how good the first pic seems

i'm sorry if i'm a complete moron, but vincent you said your sz 28s measure 10.75, but this measurement is in accordance to the 005s and NOT the 007s. 007s in your size measure 11.25 in the upper thigh.

i thought it was the exact same cut? is the 007 roomier in the thigh or is this some sort of mix up?

You're comparing raw to shrunk asshat.

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granted, his were one wash which i was unaware of

and i understand there is deviation between the pairs and that the measurements posted are averages of these deviations. but doesnt that still mean, on average, 007 is bigger in the thighs (slightly) ?

also is it safe to assume the raw pairs will shrink (with a hot soak) as much as the 1 wash joints have?

i am really going to need to see these in person eventually...

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No, it's more likely that the half dozen 007 that were measured just happened to be larger than the half dozen 005 that were measured. You'll probably find the same deviation within enough pairs of 005s.

My pair, FWIW, are tagged 28 but measure only 7" below the knee and 10.75" in the thigh after they stretch as far as they will. I think they're about 10.5" after they get washed. The stretch really isn't that substantial except for the waist.

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Hey guys, I'm heading to Japan next week, planning on going to Ueno and I'm looking for PBJ xx-007's, anyone know if hinoya will have them in a size 30? or should i head to the actual PBJ store?

hinoya has a good selection of PBJ, but a visit to the PBJ store can be really nice as well.

the PBJ store is a lot harder to find than hinoya however, so be sure you have a good idea where you are going.

one thing to think of is that i believe that hinoya can do chainstitch hemming in-store, while the PBJ store will take a week to hem your jeans. not sure if that affects things for you.

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did anybody buy a 008 and has some evolution pics to share?

i'll try to take some pics soon and post them. have been meaning to do it for the wiki anyway.

mine were purchased in may and worn roughly half the time since then (rotated with other jeans.)

they are showing some nice fades.

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looking good chrisb

can anyone tell me if you can expect raw 007s to shrink to about the same numbers as 007 one-wash?

is there any advantage to raw or one wash, or is it just personal preference-- why would one choose raw over one-wash?

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