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  1. Items added! G-Star Raw x 3; Brooks Brothers; Theory; Hugo Boss; Armani Exchange; Zegna S; Cashmere and Silk Sweaters, offer up!!! Lots of warm weather stuff, stock up on the off-season. All measurements and info can be found here: http://www.grailed.com/users/myitems/44611-themattbest Reach out to me via Grailed or SuFu any time, thanks!
  2. Bump bump bump. Adding more items tomorrow.
  3. To the top. Will listen to reasonable offers.
  4. Mods, I apologize if grailed listings are not allowed - it is not expressly forbidden, I'd be happy reformat my post if necessary. Please PM me. I've been away from SF for years, but you guys gave me my start in my fashion journey, and it's time to start unloading items. I'll be updating my wardrobe with items from Zenga, more Theory, Façonnable, even silk and cashmere sweaters. Stay tuned. Please see my grailed link below. Thanks! Feel free to PM me with any additional questions, pictures, info, etc. Onto the goods: http://www.grailed.com/users/myitems/44611-themattbest
  5. So sorry this probably isn't the proper place, but whatever: Looking for (thanks to work, not personal taste) a clubby/ blacked out / modern collection of pieces. Perhaps the male equivalent of Helmut Lang? Need some club kid shit. Nothing loud. My pbjs and oxfords ain't cutting it haha thanks guys.
  6. Pure Blue Japan

    @Jun Haha nice, not surprised to hear about BK from you at all. Good shit. My 007s took a visit to denim therapy and I was a little underwhelmed. The actual job they did was great but they didn't fully fix everything. So in that vein I'm exited to share my first update with these guys: PBJ 007 // 2 days shy of 7 mo // everyday wear // 1 presoak 0 washes (they need one baaaaadly - almost summer) Please excuse my shitty iPhone pix as well. Somewhat photo-heavy. Maybe when my girl gets back from South Africa in a few weeks I can get her to take a fit pic or two. I'd like to hop back in here more often. They're completely different from anything I've had before but absolutely love them more and more each day. Thanks for looking!
  7. Pure Blue Japan

    Okay, been totally MIA for the better part of six months, but loving everything I just caught up on, gents. But really: Jun Xi Chen - wow. I'm not sure if I'm more jealous of your 24 ozers or that sweatshirt. Fuck yes.
  8. Pure Blue Japan

    How's the fit compare? I'm looking for another pair and would totally get another PBJ but I feel like I should branch out beyond NF>APC>PBJ. Just gettin my feet wet
  9. Suggestions on jeans with a similar cut to pbj xx007?
  10. Pure Blue Japan

    +rep nice fit hoy. first time i've seen a kinda slouchy fit and they look surprisingly slim despite the straight leg. nicely done sir. would love to update on mine but just dont have any decent pics... almost 3 months of daily wear and they're fading crazy fast. hopefully have something to show soon.
  11. Shoes that look better with age...

    Trenches up there are sick. Definitely seen that photo before (I want to say on the crazy Japanese cobbler's website / blog?) CTB with the standard CTB insanity... I just wanted to post a little self-centered post for you guys. You may recall (probably not) that I picked up a pair of White's SD about a month and a half ago. I loved them intensely right out of the box, and they only got better and better with every passing day. About three weeks in, my left boot started squeaking. I ignored it at first, but upon closer inspection, I realized the arch in the left boot was actually shifting, which has worsened with time. I can now rock the whole arch back and forth by shifting my weight, and I also believe the arch has actually shifted, which is KILLING my feet haha. White's, of course, has been super easy to deal with and are giving me no hassle with returning them and assured me they would push my replacement boots through the assembly process as soon as they determine that there is indeed a flaw with the boots... I'll keep you updated on how they handle this pretty serious fuck up. I JUST DONT WANT TO SEND THEM BACK! Can't go back to sneakers... must by replacement boots in the meantime. Suggestions that aren't 1000K or redwings? I tried on McNairys and didn't really love them (~$500). And I can get my hands on Tricker's but they're sitting at $650 (marked up I believe?) ... is such an expensive "replacement" worth it? Wat do?
  12. Shoes that look better with age...

    That's what I'm afraid of. Emailing Miss Mandy Z at White's now. I've annoyed the shit out of her; I feel bad...
  13. Shoes that look better with age...

    Boys boys -- The arch-ease in my left boot is audibly creaking/squeaking when I walk, and I can feel it move with pressure from my stride. It gives under my weight (I weigh 140 lbs so I hope that's not the issue) very easily. The right one is solid as a rock and silent, of course. Is this a craftsmanship error? Something that will readjust with time and wear? Tips? Halp!