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Looking at buying some but fear they'll be too small as I was hoping they'd be closer to 38" waist and with a little stretch if possible esp the CH variants?


Any help in this area much appreciated.


In my experience, CH pants (and X-Fast) do not stretch at the waist. They do stretch everywhere else, but not at the waist. This is because the inner lining of the waist contains a non-stretch fabric (this doesn't apply to the P15 which doesn't have that lining)

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I either spot wash with a toothbrush and detergent (or dish soap depending on the stain), or barring that I hand wash in the bath tub cold with mild detergent, hang dry.

Same here: hand wash in the bath tub. I took my first pair of P9-S's to the dry cleaner and got them back shrunk and with a crease ironed down the middle of each leg.

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Any special way to wash their pants? Just curious. Thanks

Most fabrics (etaproof, epic, wb400) machine wash cold, then do an extra rinse, and don't use fabric softener. The new CH (pyroshell) says to machine wash at 60ËšC and not to tumble dry.


Epic will fade but then epic will always fade because that's what it does. The other fabrics will be fine.

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Now that I've got a pair, I don't think the 1415 schoeller fabric is pyroshell; if it were I'd expect a pyroshell hang-tag as there are coldblack and 3xdry hang-tags. The aramid should give them pretty good abrasion resistance, but the fact that it's a blend means I wouldn't recommend anyone use them for flame protection.


Pockets on them are bloody clever, although my wife asked me why I bought Hammer pants :(

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