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  1. exhaust fumes


    A 90s-esque rail shooter with a bad HUD on it. Please stick to clothes, Errolson.
  2. exhaust fumes


    Errolson + Team been really digging into the Memphis style. Kinda neat as a concept, and I'm sure they'll fly off shelves, but I kinda feel like the patterns would work on something more like the Reebok Fury or Nike Rifts. I don't know if it's just my malaise with the brand direction/pricing that's causing me to be pretty lukewarm.
  3. exhaust fumes


    lmfao 1700 US dollary doos
  4. exhaust fumes


    let it out!
  5. exhaust fumes

    Urban Techwear

    https://snowpeak.com/collections/tops-apparel/products/jk-18su009-seamless-hoodie?variant=7787457282076 I picked this up at the Snow Peak store the other week, there's a few other sizes if you're in NYC. They also have a bunch of other interesting stuff, although their cuts are very boxy (which is an either like it or hate it thing).
  6. exhaust fumes


    I'm just going say it, that white J68 in cameraphone pics looks like something out of Yes Style.
  7. exhaust fumes


    On a mobility issue, I actually happened to once upon a time to wear some P17-S or whatever to some newb *kinda like* Iaido class. The cuffs always ended up getting stuck on my calves every time I stretched out far enough, and that's in a size Large (I'm 6'1"/cyclist build). My ex's yoga tights, on the other hand, worked perfectly fine. (Yes, I am a giant nerd)
  8. exhaust fumes


    That too.
  9. exhaust fumes


    The shorts are fine, if a bit diaper-y + dorky in the same way a cell phone holster on an office drone's belt is. Sure. Do what you want. It's the practice knife/brass knuckles/push dagger in the molle straps that really make it extremely embarrassing to me. I am not actually a bad ass ninja who kills people for a living. I am someone who paid over 1000 euros for a pair of shorts that you can attach pockets to the belt. It reminds me of this Onion article: Man Struggling To Pierce Orange Peel With Fingernail Under Impression He Could Kill If He Had To
  10. exhaust fumes


    Doubling down on the prices.
  11. exhaust fumes


    Never thought he'd actually go that deep, but fucking ugh.
  12. exhaust fumes

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: Two pairs of P13-S Size M: One black, typical ETA fading, one Raf Green (has small holes by right pocket, and a fade spot that I haven't tried to take out yet). I have the bags, at least one spec sheet, somewhere. 400 or best raisin-able offer for 'em both, I just don't fit in them anymore and I never really fit in them that well in the first place. Will send pics to those who are interested in.
  13. exhaust fumes


    I kinda liked the pants, but the NIKE and ACG reflecto screenprint kills them.
  14. exhaust fumes


    So what do you do about the inevitable pilling, the interior "fuzz" coming off in wear areas? I used to like outlier a lot for getting into work, but the longevity of them is about a year and change before they start looking like they need to be tossed.
  15. exhaust fumes

    Urban Techwear

    Man, I got some pants at Uniqlo the other day for 20 bucks that are basically the same exact thing as those. https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-dry-cropped-jogger-pants-188215.html?dwvar_188215_color=COL09#start=9&cgid=men-activewear-bottoms Sure they're not Scholler or Dryskin, but they're fine for riding a bike into work.