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  1. I'm going to go off on a tangent here from resellers and try to tackle one of the biggest issues I feel like exists in the "techwear community"/"brand ambassadors"/etc. All feelings personal and feel free to debate me on any of this. It's also a bit stream of consciousness so sorry for rambling. Let's push back to another fashion subculture like the old 60s Mod community. The brand of the day was definitely was someone like Fred Perry, but there were many more options in style (with suits or casual) and aspects that would have someone be into. Mod niche was able to continue on through a music scene, the scooters, and to a lesser extent, doing amphetamines at your local dance hall. As dumb as it sounds, it at least had something defining other than clothing. You also had to work harder than throwing $3k usd at Acronym to be "the shit." Getting a little philosophical here but, what's another united tie/outlet of Techwear other than buying stuff/talking about buying stuff? There's no binding music style (Uhh, Burial is cool for the Acronym ads?)/art movement (I guess maybe glitch? Lifting stuff from TDR in the 90s? Brutalist concrete design from the late 60s/early 70s? Cyberpunk anime (which is very very dorky to most))/source of creativity (minus a very few people getting into learning how to sew or use cobra buckles)/activity (wearing 800 dollar action man pants to post on computer doesn't count)/political movement (Yeah, no, we don't need to go there). I'm not saying that there needs to be a total encompassing ethos, but I feel without something else, the concept of just being an instagram beast who posts the latest drop with some dslr shots becomes extremely shallow for what the look is trying to portray (badass ninja mans in future gears, which is definitely the effect that Acronym is advertising with their videos of punchy-kicky, promo shots of Errolson staring at samurai armor, etc). People aren't as hard repelled by off-beat designers Yohji/CDG mainline/what have you, where the design in of itself is the ultimate goal. I repeatedly say "they're just clothes" to try to steer it into more of a thought that it's the design in of itself that should just be appreciated, rather than becoming the aforementioned badass ninja man.
  2. Beserker barrage? Up armored?! C'mon man, it's just a brand of clothing.
  3. The 25DS and the J1TS are kind of cute, but not worth blowing that amount of cash on them versus the older seasons. Everything else is a pretty hard pass. Maybe I'm just getting old?
  4. He sure is invested in his product for trying to charge 1350 for one of the more bland acronym coats that's missing the jacket sling. He's also not really that funny, but w/e.
  5. If you want to stay dry in the rain for extended periods of time, I suggest a PVC rain suit, but they usually don't have an iPhone pocket.
  6. I feel bad for those who need to continually consume a brand as a part of their personal image, no matter how well thought out it is, or how cool the clothes are.
  7. Brings too many memories of the Nike Shox for me.
  8. I look forward to your reselling on ebay + grailed
  9. If making extra cash off reselling is where the "Community" is headed, count me out. It's dorky enough as is.
  10. Semi-rambling here: I hope the reseller market creates better rivals than Veilance (or Veilance starts upping their game more). Y-3 is making some decent headway/prodding (and created their own mini hype market with the Qasa), versus how it was a few years ago with giant logos everywhere. Also WRT the Qasa, note that the Qasa got super hyped, sold out CONSTANTLY, was a prime price gouge shoe, and now you can get them on sale half off pretty easily 2 years later. So maybe we just need to buckle up and ride it out for a year or two. My thoughts; instead of buying whatever is the latest Goretex 1500 dollar acronym jacket, go on a vacation.
  11. My J28 GT is getting sort of haggard at this point, so a FW replacement would be nice with some tweaks.
  12. Ugh, so many cobra buckles...
  13. I noticed that you could get the original AF1 lows for retail/below about a month or two later on grailed as well.
  14. Hahah. I better retire now because there's no topping this.
  15. i went to kyoto. yohji/j1a-lp/p10ds/sfb/sag