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  1. My J28 GT is getting sort of haggard at this point, so a FW replacement would be nice with some tweaks.
  2. Ugh, so many cobra buckles...
  3. I noticed that you could get the original AF1 lows for retail/below about a month or two later on grailed as well.
  4. Hahah. I better retire now because there's no topping this.
  5. i went to kyoto. yohji/j1a-lp/p10ds/sfb/sag
  6. *throws darts at DWR catalogue to decorate loft*
  7. This thread is in the autism spectrum.
  8. Super heavy 90s cybergoth vibes here.
  9. Acronym is the new leather trenchcoat + wire rimmed sunglasses + doc martens.
  10. Consumption of goods != Culture
  11. Accessorizing with your sister's scrunchie.
  12. I still like SAG a lot, even if their current lineup is a bit mixed on saglifetokyo.com I ended up getting a dead-stock Delta Force in Olive to replace my 7 year old daily carried Megatron that finally gave up the ghost. Airforce 2 looks decent: http://www.saglifetokyo.com/store/products/detail.php?product_id=298 Sag DeltaForce: They have slots and padding that fit a 15" MacBook Pro nicely, good organization, looks decent. The one I picked up has bottle holders instead of removable velcro sides pockets. I'm not really a big fan of Mission Workshop or even Bagjack's backpack (even when it was covered with molle mounts for Acronym). ILE ( http://ilequipment.com/http://ilequipment.com/ ) is ok, but the shape when full is kinda eh.
  13. Thanks! There's a specifically Japanese pottery place in NYC called Togei ( www.nytogei.com ) that I decided to go to because I really wanted to get into pottery for serious and not be doing "Sip & Spin" fake classes. I also figured I could use my college Japanese and make myself more useful. I also really like the concept of "Shibui" Fun fact, Japanese pottery was literally lifted from Korea in 1590 during Japan's invasion of Korea! It was literally called the "Clay Wars" and Japan took hostage a few top potters over to Japan, and the art went down its own interesting path with various styles that were in vogue (very rough, to very delicate, to modern) as Japan has such a high regard for pottery, mostly from the influence of tea ceremony. If you're interested in pottery, check yelp or some local arts places in your area. You can still incorporate a lot of "Japanese style" into western pottery via the glazes. Here's a few others I haven't posted: I have some more stuff coming out soon. Phew.
  14. Honestly I'd do ETA proof over Scholler. ETA proof drapes better, scholler "bunches up" more, especially around the calf zips.
  15. My commuter bike got stolen, so I built this up out of craigslist/ebay finds. Yes, I know it's a relabled Collossi. Seat tube is a little bigger than I normally like, but the top tube length is right on. Cheap H+Son wheels, Chinese frame (I named it Jin Ling because made in Shenzen), Nitto cockpit, Suntour Superbe cranks, old Dura Ace pedals, Selle Italia saddle. Stiff enough to cat 6 race the new fixie kids on Throne/17Teeth/Aventon junk.