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  1. realized all my past season p10 came with a carabiner, did the recent p10ts-ds come with it or did i just not receive one?
  2. current setup. not sure how I feel forcing the MZ3 on the side. thoughts?
  3. Anyone had experience with parcelforce and any duties associated with their service?
  4. Looking to trade J58-WS Large for a medium.
  5. j46
  6. ink prices are higher than resellers. i.e their price for P10A-CH was 1495 euros.
  7. anyone know the properties aka water resistance etc of all the 3rd arms? limonta...xpac...foil material?
  8. for those who still trying to cop but on a budget download apple app "FWRD" promo code IPAD15 for 15% off
  9. struggling to decide between j50 or j58... and trying to not fall into the j43a hype
  10. wtf cant find small p24a-ds anywhere.
  11. im so wet from the j43a and j53
  12. ewww i prefer the previous iterations