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Yikes. They almost look like a very early prototype but that almost home-made look of the zipper might be intentional. I'm always very dubious of "leaked" pictures as they come about from people that aren't close to the project. Aside from the zip they do seem quite finished though.

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Got off the plane earlier today and slung on my 3A-5TS (diagonally) after a long while of walking and realized the clip that hooks the excess strap was missing - I'm assuming it must've got knocked off somehow when people were moving bags around in the overhead.


Acronym seems pretty good about replacing parts, do you guys just email the shop@acr address or is there a specific one for such an occasion? 

What is the width of the strap on your 5TS? I'm abroad right now and therefore am not home to measure mine.


The piece you are talking about is made by Duraflex, it's a webbing keeper clip.


I ask because I have a few laying around my office. If they are the same size as your strap I'm happy to send you one gratis if you pay for shipping.


PM me with measurements and I'll check when I'm back in the office in 2 weeks.


Also, I concur. Those AF1 with the side zip are fucking hideous. Bear in mind I'm also not a fan of the AF1 silhouette. Too chunky IMHO.

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On the topic of shoes, I'm looking for advice on a style of shoe that would go nicely with the olive P10



I've already got some nike hyperfeels, and they suit the P10 look when the cuffs are zipped up. What I'm really looking for here is something more casual or even business-y that suits the look of the P10 with the cuffs open. Similar to how the P10 is styled with boots in this picture:



I'm not after any particular brand or model of shoe, just a style that would work well with it. 

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Also, if you missed out on the ACG x ACR collar responder backpack you could always cop the original version:






been wearing the acg pack, it's a very intelligent, considered bag.  taking it on a dirty weekend to London in a couple of weeks, will try to post more on return

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I'm hoping these are just photos of prototypes. The shoe itself isn't bad [it's just a regular ole Nike:)] and I actually really like the color blocking.

But it's the zipper... The contrast of black trim on the white and the white on the black doesn't look clean, and the bottom of the zipper appears to be loose. Those characteristics make it seem sloppy to my eye, which is a word I would NEVER have associated with acrnm before.

He can complain about doing something new and people not liking it but honestly the part that is turning a lot of people off is the zipper and zippers on shoes is not a new thing :/

Whatever... Where's that ss15?? I got $$ needs spent :D

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